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Question: Denis Muhuri

Where am I from?
I’m from Kenya, a country in East Africa renowned for producing world-class marathon runners. I enjoy running and hope to compete in a half marathon in the near future.

What do I enjoy about helping clients?
I enjoy working with the FunnelBud team to help our clients utilize the SharpSpring platform effectively in their marketing & sales processes.

Skills, education, courses completed:
SharpSpring gold-Level certification, bachelor’s degree in Mechatronic Engineering and more than five years of project management experience working with online clients on a variety of projects.

Fun facts:
I love watching thought-provoking science documentaries on YouTube and researching about cryptocurrencies.

My hobbies are playing scrabble, swimming and hiking. I also like watching live events like soccer and athletics as I socialize with friends.

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Hi Mom!

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