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Question: Sheryll Chua

Where am I from?
I am from the Philippines, living in a small town in Laguna since I was four. I lived in Manila for a while to study but went back home again.

Why did I join FunnelBud?
After I left my day job as a developer many, many years ago, I dabbled into all kinds of online jobs. But FunnelBud was the only one who offered me a career and not just a job, and it’s a company where I can utilize and develop my current skill set and learn new ones.

What do I enjoy doing most at FunnelBud?
I enjoy helping clients, understanding their needs and setting up automations, that can help in their marketing activities. It feels good when something I’ve done has created an impact in their business.

Skills, education, courses completed:
I have a bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering and worked as a Systems Developer for three years before I went online. My “online” skills include WordPress, internet marketing, SharpSpring, HubSpot, HTML and CSS.

Fun facts:
I don’t drink coffee (some people find that strange). And it makes me happy whenever I do DIY craft projects, especially for an event like our wedding and my daughter’s birthday party.

Playing with my daughter, reading, watching movies/videos, doing crafts.

Hubspot academy inbound certified.

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Hi Mom!

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