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Time and resources are the biggest reasons for failing with Marketing Automation and CRM implementations

But you don't need to be a technical wizard or hire a full-time resource to use Marketing Automation and CRM software.

Marketing Automation and CRM still feels complex and difficult to grasp for most marketers and sales managers. Too many spend too much time on implementation projects without seeing return on their investment.

That's why we started FunnelBud in 2015.

Marketing Automation and CRM where we help you grow

We don't just provide one of the world's most popular Marketing Automation software. We include marketing automation and CRM experts that act as your own department:

  • FunnelBud, the all-in-one marketing and sales software with customers worldwide
  • Services for FunnelBud included
  • Project management, proactive support, training and consultation forever
  • We do all the setup and other work that you don't need to learn
  • Yes, while others charge $2-4,000/mo. for similar services - we include it!

Your MarTech Team

We are your team and your marketing automation partner. We will help you with all of your Marketing Automation and CRM questions, and get the most out of FunnelBud's great system.

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As our client, our Marketing Automation & CRM services are included with your software license. Our job is to help you utilize the full feature set of the software so that you will stay our happy customer forever. Read more about our team members and their backgrounds by clicking on their image below.

Yusuf Young

Yusuf Young

Click the image to read about Yusuf

Founder & CEO

Denis Muhuri

Denis Muhuri

Click the image to read about Denis

Customer Success Manager

Sheryll Chua

Sheryll Chua

KClick the image to read about Sheryll

Solution Specialist

Marie Vitkova

Marie Vitkova

Click the image to read about Marie

Marketing Automation Specialist

Priya Jain


Click the image to read about Priya   

Integrations Architect

Lynx Jonsson


Click the image to read about Lynx   

Marketing Manager

Igor-Melissa Palomita

Click the image to read about Igor-Melissa

Marketing Manager

Nikola Knezevic

Nikola Knezevic

Click the image to read about Nikola

SharpSpring Support Tech

Yaroslav Khadai

Yaroslav Khadai

Frontend Developer

Sunil Kumar

Sunil Kumar

Click the image to read about Sunil

Frontend Developer

Is SharpSpring from FunnelBud right for you?

Your situation

Our offering

You need a great Marketing Automation and/or CRM system

You get FunnelBud, one of the fastest growing all-in-one systems for marketing and sales. Plus, a team that will help you make the most out of it.

You don't have time or budget for complicated technical implementation projects

You get our help with implementations, customizations, automations, reports and much more. All included!

You want to digitalize your sales process but you're not quite sure how to go about it

You get a long term partner, with your own project manager supported by a team of experts, with the mission to help you grow.

Why are we one of the world's premier Marketing Automation agencies?*

How can we include incredible, proactive support, project management and strategic help at no cost?

The "secret sauce" is our unique business model and our internal processes. Both are geared towards a long-term relationship rather than short-term gains. So far, our churn rate is negative (meaning we get more customer referrals than customers cancelling their license).

Our customers include B2B companies, both large and small, from various industries. Here are some examples:

  • Institutions such as Centre for Business History
  • Consultants and software developers such as Strikersoft
  • Enterprise and government software vendors such as Lumera
  • And many more both small and large organizations mainly in B2B

* By no. of clients managed. It’s difficult to come by actual numbers, but as one reliable benchmark, we’re the world’s 3rd largest "SharpSpring" partner (a popular Marketing Automation platform used by over 10,000 businesses worldwide).

Are you considering a system? Don't forget that the biggest part of your success is dependent on what the vendor can help you do! Choose a partner who is invested in helping you grow.

Who are we and why should you trust us?

Hi! I'm Yusuf Young, FunnelBud's founder.

My marketing career started at a small enterprise software vendor, where I simply wanted to generate more leads to myself and the rest of the sales team.

During my free time after work (and with the CEO's permission), I went ahead and experimented with various internet based marketing strategies. At some time, I stumbled across what was then the most popular Marketing Automation and CRM software, Hubspot. In just 2 years, we went from just a few hundred monthly website visitors to over 6,000. At the end of the this journey, we were getting over 50 good leads every month, with an average deal value of tens of thousands of dollars. We closed deals for several hundreds of thousands of dollars per year from this our Inbound Marketing initiative.

This fed my desire to help other businesses accomplish the same results. So I became a Marketing Automation consultant, primarily working with the then popular solutions Hubspot, Pardot and Salesforce.

It was during this time that I discovered an unsettling but very common situation. Most businesses who had purchased these solutions were throwing money in the bin! They barely used the systems, and were not getting any results. In fact, that's why they wanted to hire a consultant like me, to fix it!

Yusuf Young, Founder
+46 73 648 9295

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Turns out, most companies drastically underestimate the amount of time and resources it will take to become successful with a Marketing Automation implementation that generates leads and sales. (But it's well worth it if you do!)

Most companies who invest in Marketing Automation lack the time, resources and experience necessary to get a return on their investment.

So, most companies who purchase a Marketing Automation system end up needing to pay extra to some agency who will help them. That costs a lot. Many times more than the system itself, in fact. And to make matters even worse, when you hire an external agency - what happens when you stop paying? All the expertise disappears with the agency, and you're stuck again.

A common scenario:

1. You buy a complex system to get all the features

2. But discover this:

3. Lack of time and technical complexity leads to underutilization


I don't like that model!

That's why I started FunnelBud. Today, we've grown into a large team who help customers all over the world. We don't lock you into long contracts. We don't try to implement a cookie-cutter standard solution regardless of your unique needs. We don't leave you after the initial implementation. Instead, we are your long-term partner, and we actively work with you continuously to improve your marketing automation and sales processes. We give you strategic advice and help you implement solutions that address your needs.

How this affects you:

  1. No terms. Quit whenever you want! Turns out, customers love us so much, they don't just stay - they also refer others!
  2. FunnelBud services included. Consultation, implementations of solutions and processes, active recommendations of best practices and suggested solutions. It's all included. We set up everything so that you can simply execute campaigns and do sales.
  3. Low cost. You pay for your license, and that's it. We don't charge anything extra for all the help and services you get. For the same services, other agencies charge 5-10x what we do.

Our team consists of experienced FunnelBud consultants. You will be taken care of by your own project manager who will get to know your business in-depth. We limit the number of customers to 8 per member so that each customer gets the attention they deserve.

Our promise to you is this: We will not just answer your questions. We will try to understand your need, and help you address it in the best way possible.

Our mission statement is simple:

How do we deliver such a powerful system and include so much services, at a fraction of the cost that others charge?

Or let us show you the system live in a shared screen session. Click the button below to get a FunnelBud demo:

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We hope that we have been able to explain who we are and how we believe that we can help you on this page. If you still have questions, feel free to submit the form below.