Add-on Products | Free for all FunnelFud clients (SharpSpring users)


FunnelBud Add-ons

Apart from FunnelBud Marketing Automation system we have a list of additional services / tools to help your business thrive.

Managed Website

Managed Website

Become a master of your new converting, stylish and vibrant website! Managed Website is a fully hosted website service where you get a living, breathing, easily editable website at a low cost, with continuous support, training, consultation and design services included.

Marketing Assistant

Managed Services

This service is perfect solution for you if you don't have time or a person (even temporarily) responsible for working on your marketing activities in FunnelBud. Choose from one of the four packages, depending on how much work you want to outsource to us.

Quiz Builder

FunnelBud Quiz Creator

✓ Provide an interesting, educational and valuable experience for your prospects.
✓ Achieve a higher Visitor > Contact conversion rate on your quiz pages.
✓ Capture more information from your prospects.

✓ Assess your prospect’s readiness for your products/services.

FunnelBud Reports

FunnelBud Reports

This tool allows your company to view daily reports about any list activity, e. g. leads from campaign per time period, funnel opt-ins, compare new leads by month, etc. This data will be delivered to you in any type of graph you choose. Free for all FunnelBud clients.

FunnelBud Visits

FunnelBud Visits

This tool gives you information about companies visiting your website, number of sessions and bounce rate, even if they don't fill out a form! Free for any user. Need to connect your Google Analytics account that's connected to your website.

PDF Creator

FunnelBud Quote Tool

This tool allows you to generate a PDF report based on all the fields you have in your leads, opportunities and accounts. The report is fully customizable and you can even create your own design.