Blogging & Social Media 

Do you feel like there's never enough time to produce content for your company blog?

Content matters. It is your brand’s strategy for getting noticed, and we love nothing more than provide services that delivers to your top line. FunnelBud offers Blogging services in English and Swedish to help your business build a reputation, inspire customers and drive web visitors and engagement.

Blogging & Social Media Management

We produce regular or campaign-based blog articles for your company blog. This package includes:

  • Content Strategy;
  • SEO;
  • Content Production;
  • Social Media Management;
Blogging + Social Media

Social Media Management

We take care of your social media management strategy following recommended and proven copywriting guidelines to promote your blog articles, engage with your audience and drive more traffic to your website.

Social Media

A B2B website is like a tree. Leaves are blog posts. Trunk is home. And roots are your solutions."

- FunnelBud