Facebook Lead Highways 

Supercharge your inbound lead gen with FunnelBud's Facebook Lead Highways

Facebook is an excellent way to generate low-cost, high impact leads. However, most businesses work "campaign based", i.e. a temporary campaign that is turned on for a season or special occasion, then turned off.

Unlike traditional approaches, FunnelBud wants to build "Evergeen Lead Highways" for you - meaning we build it once, and optimize the **** out of it, and then leave it on.

The result: You get a predictable and scalable new source of leads that's always on, where you can measure the value of each lead, and acts as a "tap" that you can crank up or down depending on how much new pipeline you need.

As an additional service, rather than simply generating the leads for you, since you have FunnelBud's platform, we can add on automated sales and nurturing flows on top of the "lead tap", which increase the quality of the leads sent to sales, and automate much of the pre-sales work for them, creating a complete, automated, measurable and predictable lead gen, nurturing, qualification and semi-automated closing highway for your sales team.

Get more leads

We build an "always on" lead highway for you that continues to give you new leads, month after month for a predictable cost per lead.

Automate nurturing and sales

The leads are followed up by automated and/or semi-automated follow up nurturing flows and/or sales tasks. Your sales team just needs to sit back and wait for instructions when to action hot leads, and what to action them with (templates etc.)

Optimized and predictable

Because the "lead and sales highways" will be evergreen, we will continue to fine-tune them and test out new steps to fine-tune and add, the lead funnels come with easy-to-understand reports that show the exact revenue generated and expected per dollar spent for each of your highways.

Scope of service

  • FunnelBud does not work on "campaign basis", i.e. we don't create ads for specific campaigns, temporary offers, etc. Our service is squarely and only aimed at building everlasting ("evergreen") lead highways, which we build and optimize once, and which continue to generate sales for you forever. (For traditional Facebook Advertising services, we can refer you to some of our partners, who are the best in the market for that kind of service!)
  • FunnelBud, at this moment, does not work with companies who do not subscribe to the core service. For our FunnelBud core clients, we offer the Lead Highway service at a heavily reduced cost, because it synergizes with ours and the clients' goals to maximize the value of their core FunnelBud systems.

Pricing and terms

  • Pricing consists of a monthly management fee which includes a number of hours per month for building and optimizing the lead highways, and a cost per lead qualified (not "generated"), which creates an incentive for us to build effective qualified leads highways that are well received by your sales team. You can cancel the service at any time, or we will tell you when we don't believe it is worth spending more time on optimizing a particular lead highway, and after that point you will no longer pay for the monthly management fee, but you will continue to pay for the leads that the highway continues to generate
  • You can cancel the highway itself if you no longer want to pay for the leads it generates, at which point FunnelBud will disable and delete all the assets and ads that are associated with the lead highway.
  • There is a one month cancellation term for both each aspect of the service.

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