Managed Website 

A fully hosted website service where you get a living, breathing, easily editable website at a low cost, with continuous support, training, consultation and design services included.

A typical website remake or transfer may cost $10,000 - 30,000, with a new redesign or update required every 3-5 years (plus hourly support meanwhile). We see it differently. Instead of having to go through costly and risky large website development projects, you get a continuous all-inclusive service where your website is continuously improving and adapting to your needs.

Core features include:

  • Premium version of Thrive Themes WordPress platform with support.
  • Out-of-the-box integration with FunnelBud Marketing Automation & CRM.
  • The same team helping you with both FunnelBud CRM & Marketing and your website.
  • Ongoing consultation through weekly meetings as long as you wish and ad-hoc support as you need by booking time with us online.
  • Training and technical support as needed (help with any technical issue or question you have about how to do something).
  • Premium hosting and support on hosting related issues.

Here are some of the features all FunnelBud’s websites come with:

Mobile-friendly: All pages and design will be mobile-friendly.

Reusable elements: You can produce elements that can be used on multiple pages, and edited centrally for all pages. For example customer cases, testimonials, call-to-action-buttons, entire content sections, and more.

Dynamic content based on FunnelBud CRM info: Your website can be integrated with FunnelBud and display content adapted for people based on their previous purchases, browsing history, or interests.

Staging: Possibility to create a staging environment for working on large edits, then move it to live after approval.

Daily backup: All files and databases are backed up daily, with the possibility to restore to a previous version at any time. A backup is saved for 30 days.

Advanced Security: Our in-house developers maintain and scan servers to thwart off any potential attacks before they occur to ensure your site is safe and secure. Industry best practices (2FA, hidden login links, reCAPTCHA, etc) are implemented on all our sites from the ground up and WordPress security updates are deployed within minutes.

A B2B website is like a tree. Leaves are blog posts. Trunk is home. And roots are your solutions."

- FunnelBud