Benefits Of Using Marketing Automation And a CRM Agency: A case study



Leaders of Evolution offers technology-enhanced e-learning courses to over 10,000 students around the globe. 

The courses focus on emotional learning, leadership, career readiness, etc., and now aims to reach over 100,000 students by 2025. 


Leaders of evolution is one of many tech-related firms experiencing rapid growth in recent years. As they moved towards attracting more schools to partner with them, traditional spreadsheets became a no-go. 

The sheer volume of data made marketing automation tools and CRM systems a necessity. 

Here’s what Jon Shepherd, the Director of Business Operations & Development at Leaders of Evolution, shared.

Benefits of a CRM

  • It is scalable

CRM systems help businesses adapt to rapid growth. They speed up the sales process, especially for bigger companies with hundreds or even thousands of staff and customers. 

The manual method eventually becomes time-consuming and labour-intensive, which is then more costly.

  • More efficient operations

A CRM system is part and parcel of business operations and growth. They could now handle all customer activities and relationships in one interface. Nurturing more leads and speeding up the sales cycle thus made operations more efficient.

Solution: SharpSpring

SharpSpring is a full-stack marketing automation tools suite dedicated to driving more leads and conversions for businesses.  

Leaders of Evolution chose SharpSpring to boost their lead generation processes. Some of the benefits of this partnership include:

1. A Full Marketing Automation-CRM System 

SharpSpring stood out from other alternatives. It offered a full-stack automation solution with an all-in-one management tool. So, they could handle all their activities in one portal. This aspect proved to be cost-effective over time. 

2. An Affordable Alternative

SharpSpring is also way cheaper than the rest. Other tools often have different costs depending on the features. 

But with SharpSpring, you get a one-off cost for a complete automation solution. Leaders of Evolution was able to secure a monthly fixed fee for the services.

3. Payment flexibility

SharpSpring offers you payment flexibility, which is excellent for start-ups. So, there is no pressure to pay for long-term contracts until you are ready. 

For start-ups, this is probably one of the best deals available. 


4. Performance management

The marketing automation and CRM systems offered way more than sales tools. They boosted the organization’s management and efficiency. The whole team now uses it simultaneously as a reference point. 

Why An Agency?

Leaders of Evolution is working with FunnelBud, an accredited marketing automation agency

An agency like FunnelBud helped to quickly install, implement, and manage the SharpSpring software. That way, the company could focus on its core activities. 

Most automation systems can be pretty tricky to get started with. They may involve procurement processes, staff training, budgeting, among others. Such an agency can handle all this at the least cost.


From 100 schools to 300 schools and 10,000 students.

The right marketing automation agency boosts your sales effectiveness. As a result, you can convert leads faster and increase your customer base like Leaders of Evolution.

The firm was able to rapidly increase their partners to now over 400 schools globally.

Book a free demo with us if you would like to know more about SharpSpring CRM and marketing automation.


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Sheryll Chua

Sheryll is a project manager at FunnelBud who enjoys automating challenging processes as well as coming up with out-of-the-box solutions to make clients' work easier and more efficient.