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Oct 06

Guide on how to get started and build a chatbot (Examples of Chatbots Included)

By Marian Semchyshyn | Chatbot , FunnelBud , Marketing Automation , Marketing technology

In the article “Using Chatbot in your Marketing Strategy” we discussed how to use chatbots in your Marketing Strategy and which benefits you could receive.If you want to start building your own chatbot, please follow these guidelines, and you will have a functional chatbot ready in no time: 1. Set up the chatbot’s goal.In order […]

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Oct 05

Using Chatbot in your Marketing Strategy

By Marian Semchyshyn | Chatbot , FunnelBud , Marketing Automation , Marketing technology

What are chatbots?A chatbot is a software program that can perform automated interactions with human users based on a set of conversational templates, triggers and events.How can chatbots benefit your company?Yes, it is always hard to make a decision and start implementing something completely new. However, processes that can improve your team’s efficiency can very […]

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Automating Lead Scoring
Jul 22

Automating your Lead Scoring Process

By Gaurav Jagiasi | Marketing Automation

In today’s fast-paced sales environment, millions of potential buyers can find your business online. As you step up your marketing efforts and increase your online presence, a steady flow of leads, interested in your brand starts coming in! If you’re using marketing automation and a CRM, your amazing content is constantly feeding your funnel, and […]

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marketing automation system
Jul 08

Marketing automation: Sharpspring or Hubspot?

By Marie Vitkova | FunnelBud , Inbound Marketing , Marketing , Marketing Automation , SharpSpring

If you work in marketing, chances are a great deal of your job consists of repetitive tasks, and there’s never enough time to do everything. But what if you could automate some of these processes? That’s what automation software is for.What is marketing automation software?Marketing automation is a system that uses pre-set processes to streamline […]

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Jun 16

What you need to know before you choose a Marketing Automation Agency

By Bahar Hasanogullari | Marketing , Marketing Automation

What is Marketing Automation used for? Short version:To communicate effectively on a large scaleTo streamline repetitive and manual processesLonger version:Marketing automation refers to the use of software platforms to automate certain marketing tasks and make your marketing efforts more effective. Marketing automation can help to personalise communication with users based on their actions, so that you […]

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