Using Chatbot in your Marketing Strategy

What are chatbots?

A chatbot is a software program that can perform automated interactions with human users based on a set of conversational templates, triggers and events.

How can chatbots benefit your company?

Yes, it is always hard to make a decision and start implementing something completely new. However, processes that can improve your team's efficiency can very quickly provide a return on your time invested.
We hope that the list of benefits of using a chatbot for your business will help you make the right decision:

  • Chatbots Are Where the Customers Are 24/7/365.

    A well-implemented chatbot becomes a new, tireless team member, always ready to help visitors and customers immediately.
    Quick access to all data is critical right now – visitors expect to be able to find the information they are looking for in a couple of mouse’s clicks. When this is not possible, visitors get frustrated, and you could lose an opportunity or even a potential customer forever!
    Chatbots can help you to prevent this situation.

    Visitors in different time zones also receive quick responses and can easily find information about your timings, pricing, services or products, etc., since chatbots do not have 8-hour workdays and don’t even need coffee-breaks.
    A single, well-designed chatbot could be equal to an “army” of employees.
    Ultimately, the chatbot helps provide better service to leads, prospects and customers, and all these factors can increase your ranking and reputation in your industry.
  • Chatbots can help you create a closer relationship with your customers.

    Chatbots could provide valuable information to help you understand your customers and leads more deeply - ask for feedback from the customer’s experience with your product, service, website, app. While growing feedback can help your team better understand what works and what they can improve.
    Chatbots can automate the collection of this feedback so your team can focus on improving from feedback, rather than spending valuable time collecting it.
    This could be another source of input from real life, while you are formulating your Marketing strategy.
  • Empower your team to use their time more efficiently.

    Do you want to spend your employees' time on handling common requests? Will repetitive actions help them improve their skills?
    In most cases, their time is better spent handling non-repetitive, complex tasks that will help them and your company grow!

    Chatbots can help professionals focus on more complex tasks that require their creative and analytical abilities, rather than spending time on simple common requests, that can easily be automated.
  • Make it easier for your audience to reach out.

    In today’s online marketplace customers are everywhere!
    Your business should provide as many ways as possible for potential customers to communicate with you and offer a positive interactive experience.
    Chatbots could be a perfect way to communicate with introverts and allow anonymous conversations.

What is chatbot marketing?

Chatbot marketing is promoting your company’s products and services using a chatbot.

We have prepared 5 Tips for Your Chatbot Marketing Strategy to help you get started:

Tips for Chatbot Marketing

1. Brainstorm the most common questions you get.

Chatbots are ultra-effective because they can take over repetitive tasks from your team. The best place to start is by automating the answering your most frequently asked questions.

There are a couple of great resources to look: 

  • Your sales and marketing teams.
  • Your customer support team. 
  • Your community in social media. 
  • Search on Google pages, Reddit or Quora.

We have curated a list of the common questions visitors usually ask chatbots, that you can look at for inspiration.

2. Make your chatbot conversational.

While people are conversational, chatbots can only follow discreet directions. In order to bridge this gap, it is recommended to always provide different conversation paths for users to choose during their chatbot interactions.

Well-made chatbots help save your high-skilled professionals valuable time and resources – by providing a majority of the support for FAQs.

3. Capture the attention of your visitors and start the conversation first.

A quick Hello or Welcome message along with a sound effect, a new message icon or a popup chatbot window could help you to grab the attention of website visitors and make them aware that your chatbot is here to help.
It could be the perfect way to start a conversation with a potential lead.

4. Let people know a real person could step in if needed.

While bots are great at handling most cases, in some situations, the visitor needs to speak with a human representative.
In order to maintain your amazing service, help visitors to understand (perhaps within the bot’s welcome messages or in the options) that the user can get in touch with a human at any time.

5. Be more personal.

Here are a few tips to make your chatbot more personal:

  • Make the conversation more casual by using Emojis and a conversational tone.
  • Use all the information about the lead available in your FunnelBud system. For instance, Chatbot conversations could start by greeting the clients by their name. You could make it even more personal by referring to their location, e.g. “Hey Anders, hope you are having a great day in Stockholm.” 
  • At the same time, the chatbot can also update the database with the lead’s answers, to make subsequent interactions even more personalised. Conversations with your chatbot also will be stored in the FunnelBud system, so team members are always in the loop and all information available on the Lead record.
  • Add a “human face” and name to your chatbot. This will help users feel more comfortable and create a personality for the chatbot.

If you want to learn how to build chatbot yourself, please look into our Guide on how to get started and build a chatbot.


... and be in the know about marketing automation trends!

About the Author

Marian Semchyshyn

Marian, Project manager at FunnelBud, enjoys investigating how new technologies could help clients increase effectiveness and productivity. In combination with Funnelbud Gold Certification and Chatbot's expert role in the FunnelBud, he is always trying to help clients to use the full potential of new features.