How To Avoid Spam Traps In Your Email Campaigns

Common assumptions: “I never sent an email to the purchased list or to some random email. I think I will not hit the spam trap when sending my email campaign.” Wrong! 

Even if you follow best practices of collecting emails, and most of your emails are organically collected via form submissions, there is still the possibility of hitting a spam trap. “But how?”, you may ask.

Some providers use something that is called Recycled email address or Recycled email trap. Recycled email traps are usually emails that existed some time ago, but are no longer in use. For example, an employee who is no longer in the company. If you do not check your contact emails on a regular basis, you might still think that email address you are sending to is valid, while in fact, that email address is used by email providers to mark all emails that are sent to that email as spam.

To avoid spam traps do the following:

  • Do NOT purchase email lists

  • Update your contact email addresses often

  • Send re-engagement campaigns to your email list

How to deal with spam traps in your email list

If you haven't emailed your contacts for a long time e.g. over a year and suspect that you may have spam traps in your email lists, you can put your list in an email verification service to remove spam traps in your list.

The other thing you can do is limit sending of emails only to contacts that have engaged with your emails recently like in the last 6 months. If that does not work, try reducing the time frame. Considering that spam traps are not checked by humans, you can unsubscribe contacts that did not open a few last emails that you sent. 

FunnelBud makes this a default as a part of the setup for all of our clients in order to increase the health of your contacts. We recommend checking other ways of keeping your leads healthy on our article Importance of keeping your contacts up to date.


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