Importance Of Keeping Your Lead And Customer Emails Up To Date

Importance Of Keeping Your Lead And Customer Emails Up To Date

In this article, we will cover how you, as a digital marketing professional, can increase your email delivery and why you should always keep your contacts / leads up to date.

The email has become an essential part in marketing automation. Communication via emails is used to send simple thank you messages, follow up emails, to advance funnel emails or reminders. This means that your success in reaching a potential client via email is strictly connected to your email success or email open rate.

You can have the best email written, or the best funnel created, but if you do not have your leads emails updated to current ones not only that your email will not reach an intended recipient, but it might hurt your IP or Domain reputation and might cause a lot of your emails not to be delivered. 

By keeping your contacts up to date, you are increasing your chance of a successful online marketing campaign. Having your emails verified and updated, you will essentially:

In other words, updated contacts will increase your email deliverability. We already wrote about 7 Best Email Practices that will increase your deliverability but this time we will focus on keeping your email contacts updated.

Make sure the initial emails get captured the right way

A big percentage of initially capturing incorrect lead emails are the result of only a few possibilities:

  • Visitors misspell their email address when they fill the form, 

  • Visitors enter a fake email address, 

  • Or your form is attacked by a bot. 

In order to make your email marketing campaign successful, you have to reduce wrong emails collected by your marketing automation software.

To fix these common problems, you should simply never trust anything that was sent by online forms. It might sound harsh, but studies have shown that bot form fills or fake emails consist of over 70% of all form submissions.

To check if the email that was filled is a fake email or misspelled email, the only thing you need to do is to run any email verification service and check if the email is actually a valid one or not.

Incorrect emails have become so common that there are now a lot of online websites which offer email verification services. FunnelBud created a custom solution for every client that you can incorporate into your marketing automation workflow and automatically verify email addresses. Email verification checks whether the email works, whether it is a known spam trap or whether it exists at all.

In some cases, if you use third party forms, your form might be attacked by a spam bot. Spam bots are computer programs which automatically submit any form they encounter in order to send spam messages. By adding advanced captcha you can reduce or remove a possibility for bots to submit your forms and therefore have a more relevant email list.

How often do you need to check your lead emails?

Now you have fixed the most common problems, but what about if an email worked before and does not work anymore and should you care? 

There are many cases where active emails stop working. One good example is if a lead leaves the company that they worked with and the company decided to remove their email. Most marketing automation softwares, as well as FunnelBud, detect those bounced emails and unsubscribe those contacts automatically. Still, you have to send an email first in order for them to do so. To prevent this negative impact of hard bounces on your email delivery, you should run email verification on your lead emails to keep them up to date.

We recommend that you verify your email contacts at least once a year to reduce the chances of sending emails to email addresses that may have become spam traps and that your contacts are always up to date.


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