When Should You Use Inbound Marketing Funnels For Your Business?

Inbound marketing funnels are the go-to strategy for businesses seeking to generate more leads and increase conversions.

Consumers purchase behavior now revolves around online information and these inbound strategies present the opportunity for businesses to position themselves accordingly. Common marketing funnel types include blogs, webinars, videos, white papers, etc.

Inbound marketing funnels have grown in popularity because they breed several benefits like;

  • Low-cost lead generation
  • Targeted traffic
  • Increased conversion rates
  • Increased customer loyalty and retention

Regardless of these successes, many businesses still do not succeed with this method.

So how do you know when inbound marketing funnels are the best strategy? This article answers the question.

Will Inbound Work For You?

Turnover Rates

Some businesses require a regular flow of customers, while others operate on a few long-term clients.

Businesses with high turnover often use quick lead generation options like paid ads, which bring in multiple leads in a short time.

On the other hand, those with low turnover can invest in long-term lead generation tools, making inbound marketing funnels an excellent option for them. In this case, they generate a much higher Return on Investment (ROI) since they can draw targeted traffic and nurture them accordingly.

Customer base

End customers often find solutions through peer-to-peer means like social media, events, and sometimes paid ads. Plus, they also make quick decisions based on information they can find.

However, B2B customers take longer to make purchases. Sometimes, several parties must first discuss the purchase decisions, and multiple other issues must be accounted for.

That makes inbound more useful for B2B businesses since it creates the chance to nurture these leads and further convince them of your offering.

Marketing strategy vs. budget

Marketing reports show a lower cost per lead when using inbound marketing funnels. They allow potential leads to find you and engage with you over time before they eventually become customers.

On the other hand, other more aggressive lead generation methods require money both in the short and long run.

So, if you are working with a smaller budget, inbound funnels will likely be your best option. They might pose large initial investments when creating content and setting up the funnel.

However, after that, you can enjoy the long-term benefits almost free of cost. That is because inbound could help you increase visibility, brand loyalty and encourage brand evangelism.

High-value purchases

Inbound marketing funnels work best for purchases that are considered high value and thus require much deliberation and research before buying. In such a case, the consequences of a wrong purchase can be dire.

On the other hand, purchases that do not require much deliberation may not need this strategy.

For example, a student buying a $29/year animation software may not deliberate as much as a company about to spend $2299/ year on marketing automation software.

As a result, inbound funnels become critical. They increase the chances of your business attracting serious leads and adequately nurturing them to get them to buy your service.

Since inbound strategies helps create brand loyalty, they increase your chances of scoring and retaining long-term profitable customers.

What Businesses Use Inbound Marketing Funnels 

Services Businesses

Services cover multiple needs from financial, to marketing, to consultancies in various industries like education, technology, construction, etc. 

Such businesses need to be visible online, especially through organic search. So, Inbound marketing funnels can be very effective.

Services customers flock to the internet for information when faced with a problem or considering a purchase. Often, they have questions and are looking for answers or a regular source of solutions.

When they find "that source," it becomes their regular go-to as they learn more and get closer to buying. Your inbound marketing funnels must therefore answer their questions and provide the content they are looking for.

For example:

An HR firm that conducts background checks and acquisitions. Many of their customers need to fill top management positions. Because of the nature of their businesses, their hires must be clean. So, they need a credible firm to outsource these activities to.

For such a business, the content and marketing strategy must revolve around proving to clients that you are the expert in this field. So, they created a series of white papers that addresses their end clients' key concerns like this one.

This content is gated, so readers must input their contacts through the form to access it.

Not only does it inform the prospects, but it also allows them to continue to provide information through the email sequences.

Software and SAAS tools

Software companies are some of the most prominent users of inbound marketing funnels, mainly because the online market is so competitive. There are often multiple companies offering similar service tools, so consumers have many to choose from.

Both B2B and B2C customers often spend more time searching for solutions and evaluating alternatives.

And, when customers eventually purchase, they mostly become long-term customers with high lifetime values. For instance, businesses installing software for years in advance at high subscription costs ($999+)

So, inbound marketing funnels would likely be your most valuable or effective marketing strategy if you offer software or online tools. These largely utilize SEO strategies to drive targeted traffic to your content.

When potential customers look for information, they can easily find you and sign up for it. The middle of the funnel tactics enables you to nurture these leads and bring them closer to buying your products.

At Funnelbud, we have created simple funnels for multiple software clients. For example, a video enhancement software company below.

Our funnels focus on content potential buyers would be searching for as they consider purchasing the specific tool.

For example:

Potential customers might be having a hard time choosing a stabilization software. So, we offer the solution as a guide they can access in exchange for their info.

Valuable content like this attracts better quality leads as seen by the results. It also increases the likelihood that potential customers will end up buying our client’s software.

Knowledge Companies

Knowledge-based companies now more than ever need to differentiate themselves and stand out online. And what better way than to continuously provide your potential clients with valuable, relevant information.

So, if you are a knowledge-based business, then inbound marketing funnels are the best alternative for you.

For instance, this knowledge management firm used a published report as a lead magnet, for which users would have to fill a contact form.

High-quality leads are more likely to be interested in this content and download it.

Key to note:

  • Potential leads and customers often ask similar questions. However, their pain points vary. So, your inbound funnels must address both these aspects.
  • Important areas to address for successful inbound marketing funnels include:

Value-added: They should recognize the need prospects have and show how your offering can fulfill that need.

Comparison to alternatives: Customers like to know how the different alternatives stack against one another. So, include comparison content that highlights your key advantages. Such also shows your experience in the subject matter.


Whereas inbound marketing funnels are one of the most effective B2B lead generation strategies, how do you know if they are right for you? The numerous factors discussed above would help you determine this.

Otherwise, it also helps to consult professionals.

Funnelbud’s experts have built multiple simple and complex funnels for clients in various niches, all driving in more leads and increasing conversion rates.

We offer the marketing automation tool, SharpSpring, and help you build high converting funnels just like those above. Contact us today for more information.


... and be in the know about marketing automation trends!

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