Marketing automation: Sharpspring or Hubspot?

marketing automation system

If you work in marketing, chances are a great deal of your job consists of repetitive tasks, and there’s never enough time to do everything. But what if you could automate some of these processes? That’s what automation software is for.

What is marketing automation software?

Marketing automation is a system that uses pre-set processes to streamline your marketing efforts to make them more effective. This software does all those repetitive tasks for you and helps you take care of your email marketing, social media posting, ad campaigns, etc. It empowers you to engage with your customers effectively and allows you to personalize the content you share with them.

What is marketing automation primarily used for?

Marketing automation is used to help businesses automate their marketing and sales engagement processes. These processes generate new leads, convert those leads to sales, make the handover between marketing and sales smoother, and optimize ROI.

If you already have other sales and marketing tools in place (e. g. CMS, CRM, social media, meeting software), you should look for a marketing automation software that allows you to integrate a majority of your existing platforms and services.

What is HubSpot 

If you’re interested in inbound marketing and marketing automation, then you’ve most likely heard of HubSpot already. 

Hubspot is a single system that helps align sales, marketing, and IT teams to work together towards the same company goals. 

They have an in-depth certification platform with resources focused on inbound marketing and sales, as well as courses tailor-made for working in the HubSpot system. You might need a couple of certification courses to know your way around HubSpot software. 

What is SharpSpring

SharpSpring, just like HubSpot, is an all-in-one marketing automation system and CRM that offers customer relationship management, marketing and sales automation, customer service and more.

If you’re new to SharpSpring, you may need expert help to get started – to help you set up your processes and someone to turn to if things don’t work as expected. This can save you tremendous resources as opposed to struggling to figure things out yourself. We thought of that at FunnelBud and created affordable plans that include setup and consultation. Check out our monthly license costs.

See how marketing automation works

Schedule a non-binding call with us where we can show you SharpSpring and how it can help your business grow. It is a unique opportunity to get a complete walkthrough and ask us any questions about marketing automation.

FunnelBud or Hubspot?

Feature by feature comparison





✓ Only HubSpot’s

✓ Your own or FunnelBud’s

Landing pages & Blog

✓ Design services included


✓ Dynamic or Static

✓ Dynamic or Static or Mixed (We help you find the best way to segment)


✓ but you’re left on your own and use a fraction of the power available

✓ and with our help you save time and get the most automation out of the system

Contacts Database, custom fields, Full tracking history

✓ but only 1,000 contacts included at the same price point as FunnelBud

✓100,000 contacts included for the same price point as 1,000 Hubspot contacts - plus we help with segmentation, rules, import, syncs etc.


✓ but needs HTML/CSS coder to customize templates

✓ drag-and-drop builder plus unlimited FunnelBud design services included


✓ Basic reporting included. Advanced reporting may be purchased

✓ Source attribution, track campaigns, email reporting, email split testing. All included

Social Media

✓ Monitoring, publishing, reporting, etc.

✓ Monitoring, publishing, reporting, etc.

Multiple domains

(!) Only on enterprise version

✓ Unlimited number of websites tracked


✓ Built in, easy to use

✓ Built In, Easy To Use


✓ all you would expect incl. Salesforce

✓ almost all popular cloud services. We set up and build integrations for you!

Dynamic website content (show different content based on what you know about your contacts)

 (!) Included in landing pages. To get it on website, you need to move your entire site to Hubspot

This is not a good move as it locks you in

✓ On your own WordPress website (or any other website platform) and with full support from us!


... and be in the know about marketing automation trends!

About the Author

Marie Vitkova

Marie is a Project Manager and a Templates, Forms and Funnel Workflows Specialist at FunnelBud. She loves Inbound and enjoys creative work and template design. She manages FunnelBud’s marketing activities, their own website, and multiple “managed website” clients who also do inbound.