Which Type of Landing Pages Should Your Business Use?

Landing Pages

A landing page is a source to gather the contact information in exchange for an offer in the website and digital marketing context. These offers can be of various forms such as; template, video, or e-book. However, you can also use it to gather more information through a meeting or over-the-phone consultation. 

Mostly, landing pages use contact forms to gather this kind of information. The best landing page contains images and helpful information that a person can be greatly interested in. 

How Can Landing Pages Benefit Your Business?

There are multiple advantages of landing pages for your business. Let's look at a few of them:

First point of contact

Landing pages are the first engagement your leads will have with you. They will ideally make or break prospects’ image of you. So, it is your chance to put your best foot forward with great copy and imagery.

Facilitate lead generation

Landing pages can help you generate more leads and conversions. They provide a platform for your business to communicate to potential leads and entice them to take action.

Since you can place sign-up forms on landing pages, it provides an opportunity to collect lead information for later use.

Source of data

Landing pages help your teams to collect actionable data they can use for campaigns. Based on the calls to action on the page, they can measure results against their set goals. For example, they can easily check which source brings the most traffic to the page.

Which Landing Pages Should Your Business Be Using?

1. Squeeze Landing Page

Squeeze landing pages mainly exist on blog sites. The primary purpose of these pages is to attain the user's email address. Once you add the info, you will receive a newsletter, e-book, or other offers. 

However, a standard squeeze landing page sometimes includes appointment booking for consultation. A key factor for such pages is to keep them clean and to the point, focusing on the offer.

subscribe to blog

2. Lead Generation Landing Page

A lead generation landing page is not much different, the only difference being that lead generation pages collect more information. That mostly includes person name, company name, job title, email address, and industry. However, its scope depends on the team's overall goals and what info they need.

sales dialler

While making a lead generation landing page, you must mention how your services will benefit the customer. Also, make the interface compelling but don't overdo it. Also, focus directly on the topic. All these enhance user experience, increasing the chances of providing the needed data.

3. Video Landing Page

As the name suggests, these pages focus on videos. Mostly, the user will have to watch the video without pausing or stopping. So, to keep your audience on the page till the end, the video must be compelling enough. 

There are four main types of video landing pages. 

Explainers – Provide direct answers or solutions to customer issues.  

Product demos - These show the viewer how your product works and what makes it better than the competitors. 

Promo Videos - Promo videos are a glimpse of the user's content once they sign up. They can also be ads for upcoming programs or offers. 

Testimonial videos – They help enhance the credibility of your business. The videos show existing or former clients talking about your work and how they benefitted. Testimonials can be a great way to encourage sign-ups. 

4. Click-Through Landing Page

These click-through landing pages are just perfect for gaining consumer trust and boosting traffic. They do not have a contact form but act as an intro to your products. For example, the audience views a product on platforms like social media, which sends them to this page for details.

The page typically carries more descriptions about the product to encourage the leads to move further down the funnel and click-through to buy.

5. Sales Landing Page

These pages are typically longer, depending on your product. They are for later stages of the buyer journey, convincing customers to buy-in. 

Since the goal is solely to induce purchase decisions, sales landing pages can be more complicated to design. You need to account for multiple elements like the copy (precise instructions) and purchase steps.

6. Thank You Landing Pages

Thank you pages are another vital page you need to boost your business. Ideally, it comes in after your leads have completed a desired action, like completing a form or buying an item.

Many thank you pages even offer coupons or other future promotions to encourage purchase.

Thank You Page

Try not to keep it basic and add something valuable or entertaining to leave a lasting impression on your buyers.

7. Coming Soon to You Page

These are a great way to keep your audience engaged. A coming soon to you page informs the users of a new product or upcoming event. That way, you can keep most of the audience expectant and ready to interact when you eventually release the content.

Stockholm Event

Note: All these pages are only as good as how well you can optimize them. So ensure to adapt each to your target audience and specific goals. 

Best Practices for Creating Effective Landing Pages

The most successful landing pages adopt some of the strategies listed below:

Search engine optimization: SEO tactics increase the findability of your content to the intended audience. By fully optimizing your content, you can generate more traffic and click-throughs to and from your landing pages, helping you hit your targets. 

Page aesthetics: Landing pages should always be visually appealing to maintain users' interest. You must set the tone right with compelling copy and attractive imagery or videos no matter what the page is about. 

Calls to action: A landing page is typically useless without appropriate calls to action. Do not just leave visitors hanging. Good landing pages provide direction for the next steps. These could be a purchase, a download, a subscription, etc. 

Final Thoughts

Landing pages primarily gather user information in exchange for some quality content.  However, they can also facilitate your marketing strategy by driving higher traffic and engagements when done the right way.

These are some of the key landing pages your business should consider using. Combining these and top strategies like page optimization can greatly help your business generate more leads and conversions. 

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