9 Tips For Choosing The Right Marketing Automation Agency


Marketing automation tools help your business conduct digital marketing tasks like emails, social media management, customer relationship management, etc. 

Whereas many businesses are adopting marketing automation, they still battle with multiple post-purchase difficulties.

Implementing marketing automation software comes with several challenges and costs, hence the need for marketing automation agencies. Full-stack agencies like FunnelBud take the load off this process and get your software up and running in no time. 

However, there are currently many agencies in the industry. As such, it may be hard to find the right one to partner with. 

This article will show you what makes a great marketing automation agency. Plus, you will learn how to pick the best one for your business. 

Benefits Of Using a Marketing Automation Agency

Why should you even hire a marketing automation agency?

It Facilitates Seamless Integration

When you hire a marketing automation agency, they can help you set up, install, and integrate the software into your existing system. If you choose to do this yourself, it can be pretty costly in the long run.

The process often involves a steep learning curve, training, installation expenses, among others. 

An agency brings all this expertise on board to help you set up faster and start growing your leads in a short time. 

They have the technical expertise

Marketing automation agencies have the technical knowledge to set up and run the software. They can recommend the best options and features for you and teach your staff how to use them. 

Furthermore, credible agencies often provide ongoing support for your team in case of any issues. In some cases, their services also cover other marketing specifics that you can benefit from without hiring another marketing agency. 

Reduced costs for your business

When setting up automation software for your business, you incur monetary and non-monetary costs in training your team, purchasing the software, and others.

Hiring marketing automation agencies will reduce such costs. Their offers come with a complete package that your business needs. 

What Should You Consider When Choosing The Right Marketing Automation Agency?

Marketing Automation agencies often specialize in different aspects of the marketing automation process.

However, a few offer a comprehensive service, from software installation and management to training and consultancy services. 

To identify the right agency, you must establish what your business needs marketing automation for. This will help you streamline your search process to be more specific to your business needs. 

1. Agency’s clients

When looking for a marketing automation agency, look out for one with a steady portfolio of clients. Then, examine these clients and see if they are any similar to yours.

It helps to work with an agency that has some experience in dealing with firms within your industry. That way, they can offer you specific advice for your business niche and also provide specialized expertise.

For instance, if you run a tech firm, you will probably want to work with an agency that has dealt with tech businesses before. Doing so will greatly reduce the occurrence of marketing automation failures.

2. Success stories of the agency

customer success

Just like any other business arrangement, you must look out for an agency's track record with other clients. 

Success stories assure you that the agency knows what they are doing. You can then check first-hand how their clients are performing to assess the work done.

3. The range of services offered

Agencies offer different specific services ranging from installation to implementation to training and even more. The best agencies will offer most or all these services in one package.

These kinds of agencies would save you the trouble of hiring different partners or personnel or even using additional software. 

4. Pricing of their services

The numerous agencies all charge different prices for their services. These vary based on the software and additional services offered.

So, you may want to look out for the most cost-effective agencies. You should choose an agency that provides you with a wide range of valuable services at a justifiable price tag. 

The more extensive their offering is, the better it is for your business. 

5. Progressive nature of the agency

A good agency ought to keep up with the changing marketing automation trends. This enables your business to stay up to date even with the technology.

For instance, in 2021, marketing automation will focus more on mobile experiences. Most potential consumers now use their mobile devices to research and make purchases

So, your chosen agency should be able to incorporate mobile marketing automation for you to be effective this year.

6. Degree of the agency’s involvement

A great agency should take a hands-on approach to your marketing automation needs. 

Rather than simply providing software and implementation, the best agencies take time to understand your business and your needs. Occasionally, they may give some resident staff for long-term support.

This enables you to get the most out of your investment.

7. The software platform offered

Before you start looking for an agency, you should first identify which particular system you would like for your business. It should be compatible with your already existing processes. 

This information would guide you to an agency that provides the best services and integrations for that software.


8. In-house experts

Operating marketing automation software involves numerous advanced skills. They require expertise in lead generation, sales operation, marketing funnels, etc.

So, when choosing a marketing automation agency, ensure to work with one which can provide all the necessary expertise to get your systems up and running. It would save you both time and resources. 

9. A registered partner

You must only consider working with agencies that are registered partners of the specific marketing automation software you need.

Most automation software companies have public lists of their agents. So you should use them as a checkpoint. 

That way, you are assured of only working with legitimate businesses. Certified partners get checked for expertise and experience that enable them to provide these software services.


Finding the right marketing automation agency is no easy feat. But, following the above guidelines, you should be able to identify the best alternative for your specific business. 

FunnelBud offers an all-in-one marketing automation solution for different kinds of businesses. Reach out today for a free consultation and find out how we can help you get started with marketing automation.


... and be in the know about marketing automation trends!

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