How will auto-generated AI content affect the future of SEO?

AI generated content

So, the AI apocalypse is upon us. And soon, we will start seeing AI-generated content everywhere, in search engines and social media platforms alike.

AI tools can already produce blog posts, landing pages, social media posts, and emails. It won’t be long before they have the ability to just fill pages with keyword-focused articles. 

In turn, we can expect that SEO and all related marketing elements will get way trickier. Several companies are currently using AI to improve their search engine performance. But we can expect this to greatly increase in the coming months.

AI content

Common AI tools you might have encountered:

Chat GPT: Popular language modelling AI 

Copy AI: A popular writing software

Jasper AI: A content generator with multiple templates

Copysmith AI: A template-based content generation tool

MarketMuse: An AI-based tool for content planning and strategy

SurferSEO: Keyword-based content optimization tool An SEO tool for content optimization

While these tools save businesses tons in marketing expenditure, they pose a threat to content creation and management as we know it.

Some of the dangers of mass AI-Generated content

AI-generated content will be so cheap that it will lose its value

Human-created content can be quite pricey, mostly because of how much time and creativity it takes to produce. Auto-generated content, on the other hand, can be produced in seconds, making it super cheap. 

So, we can expect that content might quickly lose value if everyone can create the same stuff so fast and cheaply.

AI can generate content that is a rehash of what's already out there

As you can imagine, computers aren’t really that creative…yet. So, AI content tools basically rehash what is already online, making it unoriginal. For instance, most tools like Jasper AI and Copysmith AI use standard templates to create content.

Therefore, readers will have a hard time finding fresh and relevant content. And if your business also has such generic content, it can cost you your readership.

AI doesn’t account for your brand voice

Computers obviously do not know about your brand tone, voice, etc. So you would run the risk of sounding robotic and scripted. That can be dangerous in the long run since your content may not be relatable to your target audience.

Want to beat AI?

For your business to survive the AI invasion, you will need to change strategy. So some of the traditional content and SEO tactics will become inefficient. These include;

  • keyword stuffing,

  • unnatural link building,

  • over-optimized ancho text,

  • link stuffing,

  • Sky scrapper content,

  • and others.

Your secret to beating AI is becoming the authority. And you become an authority by demonstrating unique and original knowledge and ideas. 

You must demonstrate that you have something other people don't have. You don't just rehash and summarize things like everybody else but produce original stories that are unique to you and your audience.

What AI can't produce, and which humans value, is new knowledge, ideas and stories. No wonder Google's next big wave of changes will continue to focus on understanding what's original and helpful. That includes content that demonstrates freshness and which makes a particular segment come back over and over again.

Steps to Up Your Content And SEO Game

Here’s how you can position your content strategy to beat the AI problem.

Building your own audience

An invested audience that finds your content relevant will come back to you over and over again. This shows that you have something unique. 

The tactics include building your own mailing lists and sending unique articles out so that people return to you. That way, they know you as the place to find the most relevant information. 

Referencing actual people and companies

These could be people that are not public figures. You can provide examples and stories of how they do the things you are writing about, which is something AI won't be able to reliably do. So, you already have a leg up with unique, relevant content. 

That means you must invest more time in doing research from other credible sources, and not the same rehashed content, even if it is ranking highly.

Referencing numbers and research produced by you, not public ones

Over 80% of marketers think AI writes just as well or even better than human content creators. But remember that these AI bots cannot produce primary research and numbers. So having such detail will show that you are contributing real knowledge to the field you're in. 

Therefore, take the time to do primary research, surveys, etc. Such effort would make you a trusted authority since you can produce unique and reliable content.

What Next?

You already know where the Google algorithm is headed. So, as a rule of thumb, if you start focusing on these indicators now, you are positioned to win. 

Even with your SEO efforts, you will want to deviate slightly from some traditional routes like keyword stuffing and high content production.

While the tactics listed above may not get you the high-volume, low-cost content that AI produces, it does guarantee you a loyal readership. That will be more valuable in the long run.

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