New feature by FunnelBud: Report Tool

Nikola Knezevic

Another year is over but FunnelBud team did not rest. In 2019, we focused our work on developing some cool features that will make our clients’ lives easier. One of them is the new Report Tool.

We’d like to introduce this new feature by questioning our developer Nikola Knezevic.

Where did the idea come from?

“A lot of our clients asked for more accurate daily statistics and we decided this would be a great idea to develop something like that. A statistics reporting tool, that provides value to all our clients, something that no other agency can offer. When we presented this idea at our event in Stockholm, a few more clients addressed us with specific requests on how they want it to work, e.g. measure the performance of an inbound marketing funnel, etc.”

How does Report Tool work?

“It allows you to collect daily statistics about lists. Every client can select any list that exists in their SharpSpring account and choose what graph they want to use. They can, for example, also compare these data per any time period they choose, e. g. year/month.”

Is this a paid feature?

“Statistics reporting tool is free for all our clients and for everyone who joins FunnelBud.”

Is this GDPR compliant?

“Yes, we are not collecting any personal information. We are only collecting data about members on a list, without revealing their identity.”

Are any of our clients already using it? What types of data are they mostly using it for?

“We have several clients testing this already. The most common use is to:

  • see a total overview of leads inside SharpSpring,
  • number of qualified leads sent to the sales team,
  • or some specific list that they want to track (webinars, etc.)”

Are you planning to develop any more useful tools in this panel?

“When you log into our dashboard, you will see various options in the left panel. They have not been enabled yet because they are currently in the development process. We are planning to launch those soon, one by one and all users will be notified about new tools once they are available.”

“Just to name a few other features we are currently working on: quiz builder, that allows you to build a fully customized quiz; or PDF creation tool, that allows you to create a PDF document based on any custom field and HTML design. This tool makes it really easy to create quotes, invoices, reports, or other documents that can be forwarded to third parties.”

Would you like to register for a statistic report tool for your company?

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Marie Vitkova

Marie is a Project Manager and a Templates, Forms and Funnel Workflows Specialist at FunnelBud. She loves Inbound and enjoys creative work and template design. She manages FunnelBud’s marketing activities, their own website, and multiple “managed website” clients who also do inbound.