Recap: SharpSpring User Event by FunnelBud, April 2019

SharpSpring User Event 2019

On April 9th, 2019, FunnelBud organized their first SharpSpring event. The main purpose of the event was to connect SharpSpring users (FunnelBud’s clients), to give them an opportunity to talk, and even to see how they can help each other out in business.

One of the goals was to present what unique solutions there are possible to implement using SharpSpring, and that way give inspiration and ideas to others. 

FunnelBud also introduced some freshly released features on SharpSpring. You can watch the video recording of the event here:

You can view presentation slides here.

Speakers and agenda:

00:00 mins Yusuf Young (FunnelBud): Welcome, introductions and a summary
15:20 mins Nils Wikstrom (Itello): Using SharpSpring in account-based marketing
23:42 mins Stefan Nilsson (Conapto): Sharpspring used for emailing, MA, tracking and conversion
32:16 mins Anastasia Szymala (Journey): Funnel solutions for marketing and sales
38:23 mins Sheryl Chua (Social Branding Group): A creative way to use SharpSpring to automate an internal process that would otherwise require more systems
45:05 mins Sam Koekemoer (FunnelBud): Upcoming and current features highlight + Q&A

“It felt really rewarding to have our clients in one room and see how much we got done with them and how they are all using SharpSpring system in so many different ways,” says Yusuf Young, the Founder & CEO of FunnelBud.

He was surprised about the enthusiasm that all the clients showed or about learning each other’s solutions. “I was also surprised about how far many of our clients have come in their implementations and how creatively many of them are using SharpSpring system. It’s the result of tight collaboration between us (knowing the SharpSpring system well), combined with the client’s expertise in what their customers need and how they need to reach their goals understanding how their own processes work,” Yusuf adds. He believes that every SharpSpring agency should organize a similar event for their clients.

Next year, FunnelBud would like to introduce this event to a wider audience – not just the ones who are already working with FunnelBud or SharpSpring – but to everyone who has either started thinking about doing more with digital marketing or those who are using other digital marketing solutions. “We believe we can share these ideas with all of them and inspire more people to do really cool things and help them grow and to achieve their goals,” concludes Yusuf.

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