6 Tips to increase B2B Sales

B2B sales tips

Thinking about improving your B2B sales figures?

Increasing B2B sales for a B2B company requires the use of a different set of tactics compared to those used by B2C companies. This is because the B2B sales process is normally characterized by a long sales cycle, products with high price points, and having to deal with different stakeholders in the business you are trying to sell your product or service to.

In this post, I am going to share 6 tips that you can use to help increase B2B sales for your company.

B2B Sales Tips

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1. Improve Lead Response Time

Responding quickly to leads who contact your company increases the chances of engagement and conversions significantly.  A slow lead response time may reduce the chance of converting leads that may be potential customers for your company.

Setting up and using sales automation can improve your lead response time and help your company follow up with interested leads in a relevant way before they lose interest or search for other alternatives.

2. Getting Testimonials And Reviews From Existing Customers

Testimonials and reviews from your existing customers will help increase trust in your company’s ability to deliver what it offers. People trust and tend to go for products and services that others have had a good experience with.

You can ask your customers for their honest feedback on how your product/service has helped their company through email campaigns or surveys. 

You can also do video testimonials with some of your customers if they are okay with it and add the testimonials to your company website.

3. Cross-selling And Upselling To Your Existing Customers

Another tactic you can use to increase your B2B sales is by selling more to your existing customers through cross-selling and upselling.

Cross-selling involves offering your customers other products/services that are related to the initial product you sold to them. While upselling involves offering products/services that are upgrades to what the customers bought initially.

Cross-selling and upselling can be done effectively through retargeting ads or targeted email campaigns.

4. Marketing And Sales Team Working Together

Getting your marketing and sales team to work together helps to align marketing and sales goals resulting in an effective inbound marketing and sales process. This generates high quality leads that your sales team can close more easily. 

It also ensures there is a seamless transition from when the lead is captured through marketing efforts to when the lead becomes a customer. The coordination between the two teams also allows the sales team to see the history of the leads before they become sales qualified. This helps the sales team to make communication with the lead more relevant and personalized.

The use of an all-in-one marketing automation and CRM software solution is a great way to achieve coordination between marketing and sales teams. 

5. Improve Your Follow Up Process

The first contact with your lead in most cases is not enough to convert them to a customer and often you need to follow up with them a number of times to make the sale. It is therefore important to ensure that your follow up process helps to move the lead along the pipeline towards the sale.

Here are some pointers that can help in improving your follow-ups

  • Personalization: ensure your follow-ups are more personalized and avoid generic follow-ups that offer little value to leads. 
  • Mode of communication and time: be it email or call, try to use the mode of communication that the lead seems to prefer to follow up with them. Also, try to find suitable times to get in touch with your leads.
  • Follow up enough times: ensure your sales team is following up enough times with your leads depending on the length of your sales cycle.
  • Having customizable templates: having predefined templates that your sales team can readily use and customize during follow-ups helps save time and ensure your team is using the right messaging at the appropriate stage in the pipeline.

6. Research And Focus Selling To Leads Who Fit Your Ideal Customer Profile

Research and create personas that your products or services help the most, instead of pitching to just about anyone who shows interest in your products or services.

Doing this helps your sales efforts to focus on where you stand to get most conversions resulting in more sales.


With many processes slowly going digital and many changes taking place in the way business is conducted, it is important to constantly adapt and improve your B2B sales process to ensure your company is continuously getting sales.  If one of your goals is to increase B2B sales for your company, I’d recommend looking into incorporating and implementing the B2B sales tips I have shared in your overall sales strategy.


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