Make Your Sales teams 10x More Effective: Here’s How to Create Contextual Sales Tips With Your CRM

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You probably already know what a sales process is and perhaps have a sales funnel in place. It provides a road map of your team in handling prospects from the contact points to conversions. 

But are all your clients the same? Do they all approach deals and communications with the same pattern? Probably not. For most B2B businesses, your prospects will make contact in different ways and times, with different expectations. 

Therefore, it is critical to build a sales process that guides your team on the basics and shows them how to address each unique scenario. 

This article will show you why you need contextual sales tips for your sales team and how you can implement them in your CRM.

Why should you create Contextual sales tips?

  • Boost efficiency

Contextual sales tips could tremendously boost your teams' efficiency. Since it lays out potential actions at every turn, they can anticipate and act faster on customer needs. 

Additionally, it saves time often spent going back and forth between teams for advice on unique client scenarios. Faster operations essentially mean shorter nurturing time and thus higher conversions and revenues in the short run.

  • Increase conversions

Creating contextual sales tips in your CRM could help you greatly increase your conversions in the short run. Studies show that well-defined sales processes increase sales by over 28%.

The tips help your sales team solve clients' problems in real-time. That way, they increase the chances of conversion, thus generating higher revenues.

  • Enhance customer experience

Considering clients increasingly prize personalization and prompt customer care, contextual sales tips are a great way to enhance their experience. For instance, if they have arranged a meeting, the system can notify the salesperson to remind the client of the topic at hand. 

Such a proactive approach would likely make the client feel valued, thus increasing chances of conversion and loyalty.

Furthermore, such an approach ensures that your clients always have whatever information they need when they need it. You wouldn’t have to worry about sending reminder emails too soon, or even to the wrong prospect.

  • Salesperson onboarding

Contextual sales tips are also an excellent way to have all your salespeople in sync, both new and old. Newer personnel may not have the best experience to deal with every client scenario.

However, contextual sales tips can be a quick way to guide them when dealing with new leads. Rather than spending a lot of time constantly consulting other team members, the system can show them what to do.

How to create contextual sales tips with your CRM: With SharpSpring

Step 1: Set up a comprehensive CRM

Creating an effective sales process requires having the right CRM system with multiple capabilities. For example, the comprehensive SharpSpring CRM from FunnelBud enables you to complete emails quickly from existing templates, record short videos, etc. All within the system.

With such a high-performance CRM system, it becomes easier to create pathways for contextual sales tips. You will easily create more complex but informative sales processes. 

Get a free demo here and see how it works.

Step 2: Set up reusable deliveries (delivery process)

At FunnelBud, we have developed a system that ensures we never have to create the same thing twice. 


You will find that your team continuously creates similar items or processes for different customers. So, your first step should be to identify these activities and develop copies you can use for reimplementation.

A typical scenario, for instance, is with help/support emails. Rather than create new emails to respond to the same query every time your customers ask, how about making one general response and adding it to the system. That way, any team member can edit it and use it whenever needed.

Step 3: Create custom fields with previously recorded scenarios and outcomes

The system cannot come up with workable suggestions by itself. So, you must use your records to identify expected outcomes. With each result, you create multiple possible courses of action.

Then, create custom fields in your CRM system and populate them with your results. That way, when your salespeople arrive at the predicted outcomes, they have direction and can act quickly and accurately.


It is not enough for your team to have a step-by-step sales funnel to guide your entire process. This leaves room for error and facilitates bureaucracy and delays. Rather, you should consider using this contextual sales tips method as well.

Our clients at FunnelBud have reported increases in their sales team's performance from employing contextual sales tips. With the right systems, you cannot go wrong.

Get a free demo of our CRM system and see how it can help you boost your sales process today.


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