How we’ll work together 

We have two goals:

To set up solutions from the Solutions Marketplace and train you so you are not dependent on us.

The solutions should make your job more effective and help you win more business.

Here is how we work with you to achieve this:

  • We have recurring meetings with you as long as we have an implementation plan, where we do joint work while training you, plan, and fine-tune solutions.
  • We have a shared agenda doc where we plan for and take notes in meetings.
  • We implement Solutions that are within the scope of your license package, and the allowed Implementation Hours. You perform day-to-day work like adjustments and campaigns.
  • If you need help to perform a job, you can put it in the Agenda Doc for the next meeting where we can do it jointly while training you. 
  • If something is urgent and can’t wait, email us or book a meeting so we can show you how to do it sooner.
  • If you want us to do it for you, we can do so at our standard hourly rate.
  • We will document Solution Setups, guides, checklists for common use cases and trainings so you can train yourself and new users without being reliant on us.

Our commitment: 
How we will work

with you

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