An affordable and easier

Hubspot alternative for your company

Quicker ROI: FunnelBud’s lower cost, easier implementation, less complexity and consultation services already included in the price, makes it an ideal marketing automation software for smaller businesses.

Some of our B2B clients:

FunnelBud offers the same features as HubSpot for a fraction of the price and with better support

Same Features as HubSpot

FunnelBud has all features HubSpot has. From lead generation with landing pages, forms and blogs to automationnewslettersCRM and reports.

Quicker ROI

We focus on providing a solution that is affordable but helps you achieve your marketing goals.

Professional Services Included!

Small businesses do not have time for complex systems and technology. That's why we help you with everything! From strategy and tips to pages and systems implementation.

Compare below!

See an even more detailed comparison made by SharpSpring itself here: SharpSprings Hub Spot Comparison

Want to see SharpSpring in action? Request a 30 min screensharing session now!

Inbound Sales Process

Get more hits from Google and higher conversion to leads and customers:

  • Blog and publish your posts on social media to get more visitors
  • Convert more visitors to leads on landing pages
  • Qualify your leads with personal and automated lead nurturing
  • Close deals with the built in CRM system or integrate with yours
  • Report on which marketing channels and activities drive business
7 email best practices

Personalized Communication

Create a personal, one-on-one buying journey with your customers:

Automations and More

Get more done with automations that clean your database and handle your marketing for you:

inbound marketing by product managers

Want to try being marketed to?

testa att få inbound marketing

Do you want to see what Marketing Automation feels like from a customer's perspective? Our 7-week interactive marketing demo will show you exactly that, using fun and interactive emails, videos and screenshots once per seek that adapt dynamically based on what you do. Try it now!

Who we are:

digital marketing lego

After many years as marketing consultants, we discovered that most companies find Marketing Automation systems like a big box of lego. Lots of features and tools, but someone has to put it all together. But where to start? And how to find the time?

That's where FunnelBud's core idea was born: You don't just get FunnelBud. You also get a team of FunnelBud marketing and CRM experts who's sole mission is to help you use FunnelBud to grow your sales.

After trying Hubspot, Salesforce and many other tools, we chose SharpSpring because of its all-in-one and easy to use feature set, and their fantastic business model that allows us to include all our agency services for you at no cost. SharpSpring were recently recognized as one of America's 500 fastest growing companies, and is loved by its users.

What's included in our free-of-charge Professional Services?

See our Marketing Automation Professional Services here!

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Prices in USD

Sharpspring Basic

Get started with a proven marketing and sales machine formula!


$1,800 onboarding

Questions? Contact us.

Standard setups and help with any feature via email & online meetings.

1,500 contacts.

All features.

What's included:

  • Help to discuss and set up any feature via online meetings
  • Onboarding and training in the Inbound Marketing methodology
  • Migration of all data, pages and forms from other systems
  • Standard marketing machine: Blogging, newsletter templates & lists, chatbot, landing page, nurturing, qualification & CRM
  • Support via email (answer within 1h in 95% of cases!) or online meetings

Sharpspring Premium

Custom development and API integrations that integrate your whole business.


$1,800 onboarding

Questions? Contact us.

Fully integrated system with API and custom development.

100,000 contacts.

All features.

All from STANDARD plus:

  • Custom developed solutions and API integrations (included within a certain scope)
  • All our SharpSpring addons (Managed Website, Quiz Creator, Visits Premium, Quotes Premium, Recurring Revenue CRM, E-Shop Segments, and more!).
  • Connecting and managing multiple data sources to SharpSpring via Google Data Studio


Hubspot Services 

If you are already on HubSpot and want our help to use all of its features fully.


$6,000 onboarding

HubSpot license $3,200/mo  (10,000 contacts) and consultation $1,100/mo. If you already have HubSpot, buy only consultation.

Active help in Hubspot and connected external systems.

(HubSpot license is purchased separately!)

Same as PREMIUM:

  • Same proactive Professional Services as with our SharpSpring PREMIUM offering
  • Reach your full potential with your HubSpot license

All tiers include: Unlimited number of users, 25000 emails/m, 250000 page impressions/m, and 3 synced Outlook/G Suite accounts. See all overage and potential extra costs in our Overage Price List.

By signing up, you agree to our terms and conditions (cancellation term, pricing changes, etc.). Please read them now!

GDPR and data security policy here.

All this is included in our Professional Services packs:

Others charge $2-4,000/month.

Month 1


Month 1

Styling, design and templates

Months 1-2

Set up and structure


Integrations and custom solutions


Training, support and consultation

Import contacts, companies, opportunities, customers and prospects

Styling and design of email templates

Database structure for your contact segments, incl. custom fields, statuses and automated changes

Salesforce, Dynamics, other CRM system or software that support Zapier or PieSync

Free screen sharing and training forever

Help to set up tracking code on your website

Styling and design of landing page templates

Set up automatic persona tagging

Google Adwords integration and reporting

Free technical support via email, phone or screen sharing forever

Help to verify sub domain and whitelabel email domain

Design and set up blog

Create funnel strategy and set up your funnels

API related consulting and support

Free consulting about campaigns, automations and marketing best practices forever

Help to migrate all your existing forms

Styling forms

Set up and structure campaign measurement methodology, reporting and optimization

Dynamic content on your website

Training and best practices for sales

Set up CRM with pipelines, lead scoring mechanisms, and sales automations

Custom solutions that simplify and uplift your processes

Your own documentation site with custom created checklists, videos and guides that we build for you

How does our help work?

Our job is to help you with training, strategic consulting, and implement features and solutions you'll use. Your job is to run the day-to-day marketing and sales.

In short, our goal is to help you reach your goals by utilizing the full potential of the system. If you'd like a full-service Marketing as a Service setup where we do some or all of the day-to-day marketing work for you, that's possible too! Talk to us if that's interesting.

What we do

Training, strategic consulting, implementing features and solutions that will work for you or help you do your job more effectively.

  • Helping you implement and use any feature in the system.
  • Building custom solutions utilizing multiple features or syncs with other tools that will help you do your job better.
  • Custom documentation, checklists, and tutorial videos explaining how to perform your routines.
  • Consulting, sharing tips and recipies, and helping you build a marketing and sales plan incorporating years of experience working deeply with over 100 B2B businesses.

What you do

Planning and running the day to day marketing and sales work, producing assets, communicating with your audience, learning and improving.

  • Create a content marketing and sales strategy with our help.
  • Produce and publish new content, such as blog articles, web content, newsletters, social media posts or ads.
  • Create, publish and edit assets such as landing pages, emails and drip sequences.
  • Ensure that leads are being followed up effectively.
  • Build, measure and manage your marketing plan with our help.

How is FunnelBud's approach different?

Some only provide software and support. Others want you to outsource your marketing entirely. We are instead your strategic partner and extended arm, helping you maximize the impact of our technology.

You know your customers, products and services like nobody else. That's why nobody can run your marketing as well as you can. But experts can provide valuable methodologies and help you implement technology.

That's why we believe in a partnership where you handle the marketing, while we help you with strategy and implementations.

We do this by offering FunnelBud incl. your very own project manager who helps you via recurring online meetings, acts as your marketing strategy consultant, and takes care of system implementations and technology.

We become your very own Marketing Technology department.

Below is a full comparison of what you get from us vs. others:

Traditional system vendors

Traditional marketing agencies



Only system, maybe with email support or one-time onboarding.

Everything - incl. content and strategy - they run your marketing.

FunnelBud, including all the help you need - we handle the setups and enable you run your marketing.


"We deliver the best system and answer technical questions - the rest is up to you."

“We are your outsourced marketing department.”

“Your marketing is best done by you - we provide all the tools, help and expertise you need to do it.”


They provide the software and answer technical questions about how it works. But you're on your own on implementations and customisations.

They take care of your marketing entirely. Your marketing depends fully on them. The process is often standardized since they can never know your business as well as you do.

We help you improve the way you do your marketing. You own your process, and use us as strategic and technical resources. Process is fully customized to your business.


You pay for the license and get a system which you need to learn and implement. Often with log contracts - because vendors know how long time it takes to get the hang of it.

You pay separately for the license and services. Help is often paid by the hour. The vendor is incentivised to make you dependent on their help for any request.

You pay for license. Services are included. We don't tie you into long contracts. Instead, our incentive is to make FunnelBud part of your daily routine, for mutual benefit and long-term partnership.


You create the reports you need. If you want help, try trial-and-error or hire external (and expensive!) consultants.

You get standardized reports that justify the hours spent and recommend next period's actions.

We create the reporting structure you need so you can pull any report you need. We help you make decisions during weekly meetings.

Division of Work

They do:

  • 2-4 weeks of introductory onboarding and training
  • Technical support

You do:

  • Implementation
  • Strategy
  • Content
  • Campaigns
  • Reporting
  • Optimization
  • Training

They do:

  • Content based on standardized methods (articles, guides, social media, ads)
  • System setup and management based on standardized methods

You do:

  • Get informed via regular reports about what has been done
  • Approve next steps
  • Manage sales

We do:

  • All one-time system setups and system customizations
  • Setup of repeatable processes and routines
  • Weekly meetings with strategy, training and joint setup

You do:

  • Content, campaigns and driving the sales process based on processes we set up with you

Result and Cost

Result: Depends entirely on the amount of time and energy you invest in training and implementation.

You pay for the system, and often 5-10x more for the time and resources invested in trial-and-error. Read about  the total Marketing Automation implementation cost.

Best for: 
Companies with prior experience of doing this.

Result: Standardized process managed by external agency. When you stop paying, they disappear.

Anywhere from $2,000-$15,000 or more based on the amount of marketing you get, plus system license fee.

Best for: 
Companies with standardized marketing needs, who don't see the need to grow internal marketing capabilities.

Result: You own and run your own process. We support you with expertise and manpower.

 Only software license, according to pricing table further up. Professional services are included.

Best for: 
If you want to own and fully control your own process, and would benefit from external expertise to guide and help you through the journey.