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Inbound Marketing
  • Build marketing systems to attract the right leads!
  • Build processes that support the type of clients that you're working with!
  • Discover the best channels that yield the biggest payoff!
  • Create massive value for the company you work for.
  • Deliver highly customized content to your leads
  • Easily build a proven nurturing system for your incoming and existing leads.
  • Have FULL CONTROL of your inbound marketing!

Some of our B2B customers:

Mikael Swartz

Mikael Swartz

Managing Director, Lennartsfors


Before FunnelBud, we lacked a good overview of our leads, customers and deals. Today, we have full control over a measurable process, and are getting more leads.

Anders Borde

Anders Börde

Founder, Head of Product & Strategy, Moblrn

FunnelBud is our Marketing Automation Expert

We are very impressed by how much FunnelBud's software provides, and the amount of expertise we get by them. We can feel peace of mind and focus on our business growth.

Ulf Lesley

Group CMO, Strikersoft


FunnelBud's system does everything we need for a third of the price of competitors. And with help that is both included and has exceeded our expectations. A no-brainer.

What's included in the "Ultimate Profit Inbound Audit"

X Ray Assets Anlysis
  • Find out which are your current most valuable assets today.
  • Gain clarity about where your leads are leaking.
  • How to better approach them with what you have right now.
B2B Blog Burst Outline
  • A detailed blogging plan.
  • 10 topics outlined for you.
  • Immediately SEO benefits
Website Conversion Recomendations
  • Step by step website audit.
  • Proven process.
  • Simple fixes that can immediately boost your conversion rate.
Inbound Funnel Blueprint
  • 1-3 funnels you should build right now.
  • Includes placements tips, content plan, and follow up emails to send.
  • Quickest way to get qualified leads now!
Magic Tools Recommendations
  • Which additional conversion tools should you add to your website?
  • Chatbot? Popups? What should they do?
  • Simple, often free tools, that boost conversion and sales!

Find out if "The Ultimate Profit Inbound Audit" is for you!