Almost all Marketing Automation and CRM system are the same! (Sure, the price differs....)

The main problem is that most businesses don't even use a fraction of the functionality! So sure, go ahead and pay expensive money for something you won't use. Or partner with us and get started immediately, with a powerful, easy-to-use system and personal consultant who helps you maximize the potential!

First month is free! Get started today and pay after 30 days if you want to continue - no credit card required.

Quick Start Package (all customers get this!)

We fix:

License Cost

Every license is month to month and includes a Marketing Automation Consultant who guides you and sets up features for you!

Why? We invest in your success with the platform, and you stay with us for a long time. Win-win!

Result? Over 80% of our customers are using most features. Market average for this industry is an abysmal 28%. Do you want join the world's most successful Marketing Automation community?

Service Level: Basic







Help to set up and customize all features and basic processes.

Includes Onboarding and Quick Start Package. First month is free. Cancel any time.

Service Level: Standard

2,501-5,000 contacts

5,001-10,000 contacts



Help to set up custom processes and integrations.

Includes Onboarding and Quick Start Package. First month is free. Cancel any time.

Service Level: Premium

10,001 - 20,000



Includes solution architect to build custom API integrations.

Includes Onboarding and Quick Start Package. First month is free. Cancel any time.

Service Level:




  • Features
  • All marketing features
    Email marketing, Chatbot, Automations, Dynamic content (on emails, pages, external CMS), Blogging, Landing pages, Social posting, Social listening, Campagin reporting (with first-, last-, or multi-touch attribution), Retargeting, Facebook Lead Ads integration
  • All sales & CRM features*
    Pipelines, Sales process automation, Sales templates, Lead activity feed, Sales reporting, MQL and SQL process flow, Live chat with web visitors, Contact tracking, Email sync, Lead scoring, Meeting scheduling
  • Success consulting (via recurring or on-demand meetings) Others charge $1,000/m or more!

When there is an active Growth Roadmap:

When there is an active Growth Roadmap:

When there is an active Growth Roadmap:

  • Dedicated growth consultant (not just anonymous technical support!)
  • Advising, training, coaching and joint setup via shared screen
  • Custom help portal with checklists and training videos just for you

Up to 10h/m forever:

Up to 10h/m

Up to 20h/m forever

Up to 20h/m

Up to 20h/m forever:

Up to 20h/m

  • Email and landing page templates (new ones and improvements)

Max 5 per year

Max 10 per year

Max 15 per year

  • Any feature setup and customization
  • All Basic Solutions from the Marketplace
    Funnels, CRM pipeline setups, lead nurturing setups, segments, and much more that will help you gain control and drive leads and sales!
  • All Standard Solutions from the Marketplace
    Advanced nurturing flows, advanced sales automations, multi-step automated processes, advanced automated updates of fields and data, and much more to supercharge your growth activities.

Custom quote

  • Zapier integrations that we build and maintain, incl. research, recommendations & scoping
    Examples: LinkedIn prospecting tools that auto-generate leads. Cold emailing systems that reach out and create opportunities for you. Event management apps. Quote tools. Doc parsing. And much more. Up to 750 tasks/month for Zapier. Limits may change from time to time based on packages from our vendors.

Custom quote

  • Custom developed solutions, apps and API integrations, incl. research, recommendations & scoping

Custom quote

Custom quote

One project at a time, max 60h/year.

  • Outsourced marketing and sales services
  • Marketing services
    Full Marketing as a Service (our job is to generate leads and deals), or hourly work to do your webinars, sendouts, posts, etc.

Custom quote

Custom quote

Custom quote

  • Sales lead qualification (via phone, email and chat)
    We research your leads and handle the initial qualification steps, so your senior salespeople can focus on closing deals.

Custom quote

Custom quote

Custom quote

  • FunnelBud addons 
    Access to tools is included, however, setup and maintenance may incur additional consulting & setup fees
  • Email Verification
    Usage fees apply
  • Advanced Reports
    FunnelBud's own reporting engine, able to create automated, custom, advanced reports incorporating data from other systems you have. Gives you a full, custom-designed view of your entire business across multiple systems.

$89/m incl. 5 reports
$20/m for each additional report.

$49/m incl. 5 reports
$10/m for each additional report.

Included for 5 reports

$10/m for each additional report.

  • FunnelBud Visits (beta)
    Se which companies visit your website, even if they don't submit a form! Automatically create opportunities from the hottest companies, based on their behavior and filters you can set up.



  • Quiz builder


  • FunnelBud Quotes


  • E-shop addon
    Build advanced segmented lists based on what a customer has purchased.


  • All Add-ons and full access to



* All tiers include: Unlimited number of users, 25,000 emails/m, 250,000 page impressions/m, and 3 synced Outlook/G Suite accounts. See all overage and potential extra costs in our Overage Price List.

By signing up, you agree to our terms and conditions (cancellation term, pricing changes, etc.).

Please read them now!

GDPR and data security policy here.

How does this compare?

HubSpot costs over $4,000 for the same services

FunnelBud has the same functionality as HubSpot, but with help included. When we were consultants, we used to charge an additional $2-3000 we include here. The reason we can do this is that we believe if we do a good job, you'll get value from the license and continue subscribing, and we'll recoup our costs over time.

A salesperson costs $2000-$8000 per month

A good inbound and lead nurturing process can generate leads and nurture leads while salespeople can focus on closing. Our customers frequently generate more leads than 2-3 full-time sales people could, and help make salespeople over 15% more efficient. If you have more than one or two salespeople internally, the efficiency increase alone will be worth it.

Included services worth $1,000 per month

Our services include a dedicated system setup consultant forever, including strategy, online meetings, setup of any feature, and optimizations. Our job is to help you get the most out of the system - we don't have any contract terms and our goal is to set up the system so that it creates value and you stay. As a result, a whopping 50% of our clients are "Dragon" certified (industry standard is 5%).

How we work with you


How we

will work




Can you summarize exactly what FunnelBud can do for me?

Aside from delivery of the software itself, FunnelBud's overall goal is to make the software as useful as possible for you.

To that end, our services can be divided into the following categories:


  • Set up automations, processes, solutions and reports that you can use.
  • Integrations and development of additonal functionality.
  • Software training & best-practice guidance.
  • Joint setup via shared screen to do training, support and get work done all at once.
  • Support (technical or setups)

Supporting the core goals:

  • Inspiration (via Account Reviews, demos, brainstorming sessions online, and the Solutions Portal (to be launched soon)).
  • Meeting with various specialists to get input on SEO, conversion, improvement on processes, and using features in new ways.


  • Outsourcing of regular marketing activities (for example taking over your regular newsletter sending process, social posting process, etc.)
  • Always-on campaigns and funnels (building, measuring and optimizing end-to-end lead gen or nurturing "highways")

How can you include all these services for free?

FunnelBud doesn’t charge for most of its services. We invest in helping you set up and use an effective sales and marketing machine so you’ll continue subscribing and we'll recoup our investment over time. Every license includes a dedicated project manager and services like strategic consulting, setups, customizations, trainings, and even integrations at zero cost.

The result? Over 50% of our clients have reached "Dragon" certified status - well above the market average at 5%. Do you want join the world's most successful Marketing Automation community with other SharpSpring users?

What happens after I start?

We will book our first session, which is an online consultation where we understand your business and discuss how the Happy Client Factory methodology can be applied to your business. The second session is a few days later, in which we start your license and start our onboarding. During the first 30 days, we usually add forms to your website, build a few simple inbound capture funnels, landing pages, add a chatbot, and perhaps import and send a newsletter. After the 30 days, we continue the onboarding process by having weekly meetings and continue building your Happy Client Factory (the vision outlined above) step by step.

Is it really free for the first 30 days? What if I don't want to continue?

Yes! We believe that you should know what you buy, in depth. If this methodology is not for you, let's find that out before neither of us spend a lot of time. If it is for you, though, you'll know that within these 30 days and you'll have made a better decision. You'll also get to know us and how it is to work with us during these 30 days, so you can be comfortable with us as your partner, helping you through this journey. If you don't want to continue, you simply don't add your credit card details, and the account will be cancelled after the 30 days are up. (If you want to continue for another 30 days - you are free to continue without any contract terms - you pay month by month and can cancel at any time.)

Will you really help me with everything? What's the difference between this and the support we get from others?

We used to be HubSpot-consultants, and most of our customers who reached out had had HubSpot for 1-2 years and hadn't done much with it. We believe that a software is just like a box of lego - it's not worth anything if you can't build something good with it. Our job is not just to give you technical support - but consult and help you build an effective inbound marketing sales machine that will work for your organization. As an evidence of this, over 50% of FunnelBud's clients have reached "Dragon" status (which is the highest level of utilization in the system). The industry standard is 5%. The more features you use, the more value you're likely to get. In our license, we include system customizations, feature setups, and consultation. But it is your job to create campaigns, more funnels, and the day-to-day marketing work. (Unless you want to outsource that to us too as an extra service.)

What if I already have HubSpot or another system? Can you help me migrate?

Yes, over the years, we've migrated a lot of HubSpot clients or other systems. As part of package, we'll help you migrate all your assets, contacts, deals, stages and anything else you might have already set up, within reasonable limits. Please contact us if that's the case and let's have a discussion on whether we can include this or not in your case.

What if I need custom solutions or something other than the standard inbound marketing and sales methodology you've outlined above?

In that case, you might need our Standard or Premium packages. Our consultants are some of the best in the world, and as part of our higher tiers, we will act as your MarTech department, which means we can customize FunnelBud completely to your needs, which includes any special setup to accommodate how your organization works, custom processes to streamline your sales, marketing or delivery operations, integrations with other tools you might be using, or even custom built solutions that are specifically designed for you. Check out our other packages here to see what's included.

FunnelBud Recipies that we will help you build!

Get leads

  • Inbound funnel recipes
  • SEO funnels methodology
  • Ad funnels building
  • Chatbot
  • Retargeting
  • Outbound prospecting methodology
  • Distributor lead flows

Nurture leads

  • Personas recipes
  • Lead nurturing and qualification recipes
  • Webinars process
  • Events process
  • Trade show follow up process

Close deals

  • Sales process & pipelines
  • Stage based tips & templates
  • Sales nurturing sequences
  • Sales based retargeting
  • Live sales training & custom training videos

Manage clients

  • Client segmentation based on product usage
  • Client newsletter with dynamic upsell flows
  • Upsell page revisit notifications