Question: Today we are doing outbound – but considering getting marketing automation to help the sales team. Should we?

B2B companies in all sizes and industries use marketing automation software to run their campaigns. It comes with multiple benefits, including increased efficiency and effectiveness of marketing activities.

Marketing automation, however, is also essential for sales teams as it can help them achieve critical goals like increased conversion rates. Some key ways marketing automation helps the sales team includes:

1) Improves Conversion Rates Through Lead Scoring

Using marketing automation systems allows you to assign scores to all your leads. That way, you invest only in the most promising ones. Every time your leads complete specific actions, they get corresponding scores.

High-scoring leads can then be passed on to sales for further persuasion with a higher chance of becoming paying customers.

Such a process helps streamline your lead nurturing and increase B2B conversion rates tremendously.

2) Facilitates Lead Nurturing.

Thanks to Marketing Automation software, you can quickly drive leads down the sales funnel. The software system, through lead scoring, enables you to establish potential buyers. It also collects data and information regarding your leads.

With this information, you can easily segment your potential client base, create personalized emails, provide targeted content, etc. These all help to remind potential leads and convince them to purchase your option.

3) Faster automated communication

Marketing automation boosts your communication with potential leads. The most common way is through automated emails and messages.

However, you do not want to spend hours writing emails to every lead. Also, you do not wish to send generic emails because these are ineffective.

Through email automation systems, you will be able to personalize your emails and schedule them to be sent out to your lead at the right time. Email automation will reduce your workload, keep your leads engaged with drip campaigns, and increase your revenue through traction emails.

4) Gathers lead information and tracks behavior.

Through marketing automation, your sales team can get real-time behavioral data. These provide details on how people are interacting with your website, content, and social platforms.

Lead information will also enable your sales team to segment your audience and deliver tailor-made messages that fit each category of the consumers.

For instance, your sales team can know which audience members are interested in particular topics, blogs, purchase requirements, etc. With this information, you will know where your leads are on the sales funnel and which individuals are sales-ready.

5) Measures Performance to Improve ROI.

For every marketing and sales strategy, you must track and measure performance to achieve the best results. Yet, measuring performance manually may be a cumbersome process. And you are most likely to miss some data, which will result in less accurate information.

With marketing automation, your sales team can quickly generate reports that give you an accurate overview of your campaign performance. You will be able to identify the loopholes in your process and thus have room for improvement.

For instance, if your sales team discovers that certain emails or promotions resulted in more purchases than others, they can focus more on those to drive conversion rates.

Final thoughts,

Marketing automation is not restricted to marketing practitioners but also salespeople and the firm at large. With the right tools and strategies, they are beneficial in driving sales and thus revenues.

Marketing automation also acts as the glue between marketing and sales teams. Leads can easily be handed off when they are marketing or sales qualified.

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Denis Muhuri

Denis is a project manager with FunnelBud who enjoys helping companies to realize the benefits of marketing automation. He is SharpSpring Gold certified and is experienced in the field of search engine optimization(SEO).

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