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Did you know that you can show different content to different leads, based on their SharpSpring data? Try it here and see how it can help you customize your content to each of your contacts!

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You said that the most important feature for you is CRM. SharpSpring is a full-fledged CRM system built for ease of use. Track your customers, contacts and opportunities in one place. You can create multiple sales processes (for example track different products, countries or more). And you can report and forecast on each product, pipeline, team or person for coaching and tracking purposes.

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Track different pipelines in your SharpSpring CRM

But SharpSpring is different than most CRM systems in that it doesn't just track - it actively helps you sell! How? It's an all-in-one Marketing Automation and CRM system, and therefore helps you both get new leads via digital marketing, and nurture your contacts with automations. Imagine getting new leads regularly. Even better, imagine getting hot leads who have already been nurtured. Or imagine letting SharpSpring nurture your contacts with newsletters and digital ads, and telling you when they click and revisit your website. And then showing you exactly which ad they clicked, which web pages they read, and which emails they opened. In short, SharpSpring truly boosts your sales process by acting like an automated assistance that helps you take care of all those contacts you can't get hold of. Read more about SharpSpring CRM and see more screenshots here.

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