B2B Lead Generation 

Sell more with FunnelBud's B2B lead generation software. CRM with built in lead generation software. Get more leads, and automate nurturing and follow up.

How to generate B2B leads

If you want to generate marketing qualified B2B leads, there's no more popular method than classic Inbound Marketing. FunnelBud's B2B lead generation software will help you every step of the way.

Here's an overview of how B2B lead generation using FunnelBud works: 

b2b lead generation funnel

Start by offering lead magnets on landing pages. A lead magnet is your knowledge, packaged and offered behind a form, on a so called landing page.

Each such lead magnet targets a specific buyer in a specific situation in their buying journey. Don't worry - it's easy once you know how, and we'll help you think about what to offer and how to offer it.

Follow up new leads with automated nurturing communication, such as emails and ads. Educate, provide more insights, and related case studies. When your leads show signs of buying intent, they show up in the built-in CRM system:

b2b lead generation pipeline

Qualified leads show up on the left side of your pipeline - so you can easily and quickly follow up on your generated leads

You can even automate personalized emails from specific sales reps. This saves time, ensures no lead falls between the cracks, and provides quick customer response times.

Did you know that the quicker you follow up on inbound requests, the higher the likelihood of a conversation? FunnelBud helps you respond quickly to new leads that show up in your pipeline. Use automations or build email templates that sales can use to quickly follow up with the appropriate response:

B2B lead generation follow up emails

Prepare smart email templates that sales can use to follow up quickly on the sales leads that you generate

Create several such lead generation funnels. Link to your funnels from blog articles and social media posts to increase the number of visitors to your funnels. Soon, you will start generating a steady stream of B2B leads.

In general, 15% of visitors to the types of landing pages discussed above should turn into leads, and 10% of those should convert into meetings or demos. Continue amplifying traffic to your funnels, and you'll soon generate more quality B2B leads than you can handle.

When should you call your B2B leads?

It is important to call your leads at the right moment when they are qualified.

If you call a lead you just generated before they're interest in a potential purchase (maybe they're just browsing around and find your content interesting but not yet ready to engage in a sales dialogue), you'll alienate them. But call too late, and you might loose the lead to a competitor. You need to strike just when the iron is hot.

By following up the leads you generate with automated communication and ads, you'll be able to detect when they show signs of buying intent. When that happens, you'll push them to the right person in your CRM system and follow up with one of the sales email templates.

How do you nurture new B2B leads you generate?

Method 1: Short emails with links to relevant content

The most common, and often best working, method for nurturing new B2B leads, is to follow up with a series of short emails that link to related content.

Using this method, there's no need for fancy design or amazing content in your actual emails. Instead, your emails should be short, friendly and to the point. If possible, they should even be sent automatically from one of your sales reps.

Write only two or three paragraphs, linking to a resource you think your lead might like based on what they recently downloaded. Adapt this content based on their behavior on previous emails and on your website.

Examples of content you may link to include related blog articles, related studies, guides about how to accomplish a related goal, or case studies about how other customers have overcome similar challenges. If your lead shows a lot of interest, you can even link to relevant product or service material, such as videos, website pages or even product brochures.

Case studies are an especially valuable resource to link to, because they're interesting, selling, and reveals whether your lead may have intention to buy.

You can send one email per week, or prolong the waiting time between each email in the sequence by several weeks or even a month or two. This is great if you have longer sales cycles.

By sending interesting and relevant material, the leads you generate and nurture will perceive you as helpful. Often, such leads forward your content to colleagues and other stakeholders, who will also engage with your content.

Many of our customers have cut months out of their average sales cycle by following this simple method. With FunnelBud and our included marketing automation services, you can too!

Method 2: Information rich emails

The second lead nurturing method is to write long and informative emails. This method is best if you sell informational products, such as educational courses or workshops.

Then you can divide your educational content into smaller chunks and deliver parts of your content in small doses via email. If you do this well, your email sequence can become valuable on their own, and you can even use your email sequences as lead magnets on their own. You can even make the email course interactive, with assignments, feedback and branching content depending on choices your leads make.

At FunnelBud, we use this method to generate our own B2B leads. We have created a sequence of emails that demonstrate the power of FunnelBud's B2B Marketing Automation software in a fun and interactive way. You opt in for our email based demo, and we send you emails that allow you to demo various aspects of FunnelBud by clicking different options in emails which trigger different automations, test dynamic content on our website, and even get a screenshot of your own profile.

This is a fun and very engaging way for our audience to learn what Marketing Automation is all about without much commitment.

Do you want to try it yourself? Opt in below! It's totally free:

Want to try being marketed to?

testa att få inbound marketing
Do you want to see what Marketing Automation feels like from a customer's perspective?

Our 7-week interactive marketing demo will show you exactly that, using fun and interactive emails, videos and screenshots once per seek that adapt dynamically based on what you do. Try it now!

What is lead qualification?

When you start generating B2B leads, you'll soon notice that you don't have time to follow up all leads properly, and probably shouldn't either. Leads can be more or less qualified, and you do both yourself and your leads a service if you only follow up on the relevant ones. After all, there's only a limited number of hours per day, both for you and for your leads.

The challenge is how to find the right ones at the right time. This is where lead qualification comes in!

By qualifying your leads digitally before contacting them, you'll be able to narrow in on the ones worth following up on, and the ones who are most likely to want to talk with you.

You can automate your lead qualification process by refining what types of behavior tend to show you buying intent. For example, if somebody looks at your pricing page or product pages, and have certain titles, that's more likely to be someone who's interested in talking with you. Adjust your lead scoring model accordingly so that you can more easily identify these types of leads in the future.

In short, lead qualification helps filter through the B2B leads you generate, and narrow in on the ones who are most likely to turn into a sale.

What if we're not generating that many leads - should we still have lead nurturing?

Even if you only have a few leads, getting a couple of follow up emails with relevant and useful information is helpful and useful. Much more so than immediately getting a phone call from a sales person. Do this, and the sales calls you do have ultimately will be much more productive and valuable.

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B2B lead generation software

visuella säljflöden

Create sales automations using intuitive visual editor

Add sales automations to your lead generation machine

Create email sequences mixed with ads that use your sales automation fields to nurture your leads. Add branching paths to make your sequence highly personalized.

Send different content to different leads

Create one offer for leads and another for customers. Or different offers based on what your leads have shown interest in previously. SharpSpring helps you 10x conversion rates by showing more relevant offers to your leads.

dynamisk hemsida

Show different content to different visitors

Poängsätt leads och se alla heta leads i en lista

See which leads are hot and sales ready

Find your qualified leads

Lead scoring can help you pick out the interesting leads that should be followed up manually among a large database of contacts that your system nurtures automatically. Define interesting pages and activities that signal buying intent, and notify sales automatially. Track everyone in an easy to use CRM and pipeline manager.

Get notified when hot leads are generated

Create internal notification emails that go out to the right rep when they get hot leads that should be followed up. Notifications can be sent out when leads revisit your website, click an email, reach a certain score threshold, or fall into a new segment that should be followed up. Click the notification email to go directly to the lead and view what they've done.


Get notified when you get hot leads

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