B2B Sales Process 

Create one or more sales processes, coach your sales people and see forecasts and reports for each sales process with FunnelBuds CRM-system.

What is a sales process?

A sales process is a series of stages that your business opportunities (often called Sales Opportunities) go through when they purchase your solution. This is often represented as a series of stages that the business opportunity goes through on the way to a purchase.

sharpspring CRM sales process

The steps in your sales process can represent phases that a business opportunity can pass through, or activities your sales person can undertake to win a business opportunity.

Example: A sales process as phases or activities

Your sales process can be represented in the form of phases or activities. Below is an example of one and the same sales process represented in both forms. Note that phases represent the customer's "status" while activities instead represent the same elements in the form of what the sales person should do to get the customer to the next phase.

A sales process as phases

  1. Interest
  2. Investigation
  3. Budget
  4. Short list
  5. Decision

A sales process as activities

  1. Make contact
  2. Send a product sheet
  3. Show a ROI
  4. Show a demo
  5. Send an offer

Both of these forms are an ideal representation of your sales process. Actually, the sales process will look different for different customers. For certain customers, certain steps are completely unnecessary and there can be new steps. Customers don't flow through all steps in the order you set up, but often hop around. If you are unlucky, they fall off completely, or get stuck on some step and don't go further.

Why do you need a sales process?

Even if not all sales opportunities go through the process you set up, a sales process is necessary for several different reasons. Here are the three most common reasons we encounter when we help our customers implement FunnelBud:

  • Control: Without a sales process that shows at which stage different opportunities are, it will be difficult to know how the company is doing, where opportunities get stuck in the sales process (and thereby which steps need to be improved), and to create sales forecasts.
  • Coaching: Without a well defined sales process, it is difficult to see where the sales people need to be trained. Are some salespeople very good at demos or bad at doing ROI analyses? With a well defined sales process, you can measure where different salespeople are good or need to be trained.
  • Automation: A CRM-system that has built in Marketing Automation functionality can combine the automation functions with the CRM functions and allow the salesperson to get a marketing boost in their sales work. With a good sales process, marketing can become more relevant depending on where different customers are in the sales process.

How FunnelBud helps you handle your sales processes

FunnelBud is a combined CRM and marketing automation system that helps you keep track of your sales processes and business opportunities:

  • Keep track of all your business opportunities, contacts and customers in one system
  • Drag and drop your business opportunities through your sales process
  • Create different sales processes for different types of businesses - for example one for partner sales, one for direct sales or for other product categories
  • Set the probability for winning opprtunities automatically depending on stage to get better forecasts
  • Forecasts, activity reports and several other CRM reports per salesperson, product, sales process or just overall
  • Get a marketing boost in your sales work with automatic campaigns and relevant offers depending on where in the sales process your contact is, and what interests them

Let SharpSpring help you handle your sales processes

Digitalize your sales process

A buying process is a series of insights your lead requires before they buy. You can define all stages in your lead's ideal buying journey and measure where your leads are in the trip. Depending on where they are, you can show different messages in both your email, your web page and guide the sales person to talk about the right things.

digitalize your sales process

See everything your leads do and build a digital sales process

Score your leads

Automated lead scoring allows you to see which leads are worth pursuing! This is also a strong motivator for the sales person. SharpSpring has a well defined scoring system, but you can customize the lead scoring model to your process. Scores have a half-time, so that only new and relevant activities are scored. Notifications alert sales people when they need to follow up.

automatisk lead score för försäljning

See which leads are interesting

Boost your sales reps

Follow up on new leads or nurture old ones automatically. Offload repetitive work so that your reps can focus on what can close. Notify reps when contacts show signs of interest - for example when someone looks at pricing. Allow reps to focus on what's important, and let the sales automations handle the rest.

bearbeta leads automatiskt

Create a series of events that are triggered by something your contact does

SharpSpring: All-in-one Marketing Automation & CRM with help included

SharpSpring is an easy to use Marketing Automation and CRM solution that helps you get leads, manage your deals, and sell more. Complete with features such as contact tracking, lead scring and automations. Offered by FunnelBud a premium SharpSpring agency, complete with Professional Services and implementation at no extra cost.

Marketing Automation

Landing pages, newsletters, automations, segments and more. Rather than a bunch of tools - one for newsletters, one for events, one for lead scoring - let SharpSpring manage it all.

CRM system

Contacts, accounts, business opportunities, pipelines, email sync, reports and more. Integrated with Marketing so you get leads right into the CRM. Work as one team in SharpSpring!

Included Services

Our job is to help you grow. Get more leads. Automate your business. Integrate. Training and coaching. Designs and templates. Others charge $2-4,000/mo. We charge nothing.

Low monthly cost. All included. High quality help. Don't hesitate to request a demo now!

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