CRM with Appointment Scheduling Software 

Let leads book with you! With FunnelBud's Appointment Scheduling Software built directly into the CRM, reps can get more leads directly in their calendars, automate invites, and follow up easily after meetings with automated reminders and templates. Place bookings on your website or in email signatures, synced with your calendars, and use it for sales or support. We help you think about your processes and set it up to perfection.

Why CRM with scheduling?

Appointment scheduling software is great, but using it as a stand-alone tool is a waste of potential!

With CRM scheduling software, you have appointment scheduling as an integral part of your sales process! This makes your sales team more effective.

Having CRM with scheduling software built in gives your sales reps additional information:

  • Appointments go right into the CRM timeline view.
  • Number of appointments booked and completed successfully can be a part of your follow up and reporting process, to understand what drives results, and coach better.
  • Your sales process can be more streamlined and automated, with intelligent reminders and templates built right into your CRM process, improving meeting quality and close rates.

What is the best appointment scheduling software?

There are plenty of appointment scheduling software on the market, as you can see on Capterra's summary page for example.

So which ones are the best? We believe that's the wrong question to ask!

Rather than searching for the best appointment scheduling software, you should design a sales process that incorporates meeting bookings, how to drive sales effectively before and after meetings, and how CRM with scheduling software can help you drive such a process.

Book a demo with us today and we'll show you how we do it! (With the meeting you just booked as a case!)

How to send an appointment invite

In FunnelBud, appointments can be sent in multiple ways. Let's go through the most common below:

A) Copy a link or a button and send it in an email (or signature)

This is probably the easiest and most common use case.

You simply copy a button or a link and send it individually to someone you want to have a meeting with, and they'll click the link to get to your calendar.

book meeting button in email signature

How meeting scheduling buttons look

B) Have links on your website (great for support!)

Let people book meetings with you online! This is a great way to get more leads, or help existing customers with support.

You can set up meeting booking links for each individual, or for groups of people with round robin. For example, you could have two links: One for support, and one for sales, and the CRM scheduling software would show availability across the entire support or sales teams.

At FunnelBud, because each client has their own project manager helping them with complex implementations and strategy, we have opted to let clients book with each individual who might be helping them. See our support page here.

meeting scheduling crm bookings page

C) Automated a part of your sales process

Meetings shouldn't only be stand-alone activities. Instead, meetings should be a natural part of your sales process.

With a CRM scheduling software, you can build, report on, and improve the quality of sales meetings.

Here are some B2B use cases:

  • Part of inbound: Have meeting links as part of your inbound process! Instead of trying to call leads who get a high lead score, trigger automated emails that let them book meetings with your reps on the fly!
  • Pre-and post meeting planning: Automate prep and post- meeting tasks for sales reps, including templates, checklists, and prep notes. This raises quality and close rate.
  • Driving a proactive sales process: Meetings should be an integral part of certain sales process steps. Build reminders right in your sales process: When certain steps are reached and certain tasks are done, or when leads reach a certain leadscore or show certain signs of interest, create reminder tasks that remind reps to send a meeting request.
  • Sending pre- and post-meeting summaries: As an example, before our first demo with our own leads, we've set up our own instance of FunnelBud to send a pre-meeting agenda, containing a link to a document with questions our leads should think about. This increases meeting quality, with more well prepared prospects leading to more effective meetings. And after meetings or after sales trainings for clients, FunnelBud sends post-meeting educational material for the leads to read through.
  • Customer onboarding: The sale isn't closed with the signature. After we get a deal, FunnelBud sends an automated email, coming directly from the client's project manager, detailing the next steps, and containing a button that lets them book the first startup meeting with us. A great time-saver, and highly impressive for the new client!

As you can see, a meeting scheduling software isn't just "a meeting scheduling software". It is, or should be, an integral part of your sales process, and requires some thought. But it can really make your meetings and sales process more effective.

Want to discuss how you can use it? Click the button below to book a meeting with Yusuf (the writer of this article), and he'll be happy to discuss ideas with you!


CRM Appointment Scheduling Software that helps you sell

Create meeting links easily online or in emails

Make it possible for leads to book leads with you easily via custom meeting links. Make meetings available on your web, per team or per person, or in each individual's calendar signatures.

manage crm meetings scheduler

Easily create different meetings for different purposes.

Sync available times and set your own availability rules

You control your own schedule, by making it possible to book meetings only during certain times, and only when you are available. Syncs with both Google and Microsoft!

meeting appointment page in the CRM

Prospects only see available times, synced with Google or Office.

Works seamlessly for both you and your prospects

After booking a meeting, a calendar entry is added to both your calendar, and your prospect's. A Zoom or custom link, as well as agenda, is embedded directly in the entry. If you or they edit or cancel a meeting, an update is sent to the other, just like with any regular meeting invite!

calendar booking from crm

CRM meeting bookings work just like regular meeting invites

Automate appointment requests and CRM follow up tasks

Meetings should not be stand-alone things! With FunnelBud's automated meeting tool, you can automate meetings as part of your sales process. Send out automated meeting requests to leads. Send preparation material before meetings. Remind reps to follow a specified process. And more.

visuella säljflöden

Build meetings as a natural part of your sales process

See and report on all meetings and their completion status

See meetings along with all other interaction points and activities with your prospects in an easy to read timeline. Report on which meetings are performing well, and which follow up tasks are being completed on time. Coach your reps to improve performance!

automatisera sälj med lead nurturing

See meetings and other activities in a contact's timeline.

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