Lead Scoring Software 

Find the sales ready leads. Automate follow up. Scoring methodologies that adapt to your sales process. Perfect for B2B sales teams.

Lead Scoring Software helps businesses that have:

  • Successfully implemented Inbound Marketing and need to sort through which leads are worth following up on.
  • Sales teams that want to nurture a large number of leads and get notified when they're ready to be contacted.
  • Sales teams who want to focus on the truly hot leads and let automations handle the rest.

Lead Scoring software helps you accomplish the following goals:

  • Help you find your sales ready leads.
  • Trigger automated follow up sequences when a lead is hot.
  • Nurture your database and notify you when old leads reactivate.
  • Help you perform just-in-time outreach.
  • Focus on the hot leads while letting the system take care of the rest.

TIPS: How to automate sales to hot leads by using lead scoring software

Here are three steps to implement a lead scoring that ensures that you don't miss any hot leads, and helps you sell more:

  1. Create a Lead Scoring model which indicates clear buying signals. For example:
    • Visited product- or pricing pages.
    • Clicked on email links that indicate buying intent.
    • Read case studies.
    • Watched product videos.
    • Read articles about how to get started.
  2. Combine your lead scoring model with attributes such as title, number of employees, and industry to identify which of the hot leads are worth follow up.
  3. Create a personalized sales automation sequence which is triggered automatically. The sequence is more sales oriented and customized based on what your contact has shown interest in. The sequence is more sales oriented and helps them progress in their thought process and buying journey by linking to useful articles about how to get started or product videos which may help them build their implementation plan, such as case studies, product videos, or ROI calculators.
  4. Notify relevant sales team or person when the lead continues to engage with this sales oriented material, and reach out with a personal email offering to help them clarify questions or provide advice about how they can reach their goals.

This method will automate much of your sales work and is ideal for sales teams with a large number of contacts. It will also provide a better customer experience, and increase the likelihood that they will select you, as you will have greater influence over their implementation strategy.

Read more about how to organize your sales team, categorize your leads, and build a process for managing your leads in our help article: How to manage your leads.

Tips from the head coach: "Did you know that you can implement a score decay model in your lead scoring? This means that lead scores decay with time. You should set the decay based on the length of our sales process. If your sales process is transactional and impulse-based, the decay time should be short. But if you are selling a complex product to multiple stakeholders over several months or even years, the decay period should be long, as should your touch frequency."

Tips from the second coach: "Before coaching sales teams, I used to work with sales. And I had a methodology that made my colleagues stand in awe and ask me frequently how I could be so effective. My method was actually very simple: I used to touch base with existing clients from time to time. This gave me upsell possibilities and often new leads. If I had had a software like FunnelBud back then, I'd be even more effective, as I wuold have been able to use NPS (Net Promoter Score) mixed with lead scoring methodology on existing clients to help me determine who to call."


SharpSpring Lead Scoring Software

Skapa lead scoring-modell

Create a custom Lead Scoring model with our methodologies

Let us help you implement our methodologies to create a lead scoring model that complements and boosts your sales process. Customize scoring criteria, scores per page, and grading criteria, and how to follow up certain segments.

Check the score for each lead

Drill down to each lead to see what they did to deserve the score they have. Use this to improve your lead scoring model over time, or follow up accordingly.

se var lead score kommer ifrån

Check out why a lead has a certain score.

skapa listor med leads som har högt poäng

Create segments with hot leads per industry or category.

Create segments with hot leads per industry or product category

Create dynamic lists that always contain the hottest leads per industry, product category, sales team, or more. Use custom notifications to perform just-in-time follow up to the best leads.

Automate follow up based on lead score

Trigger automated and personalized sales sequences or follow up emails to new hot leads. Or let automated nurturing sequences take care of the ones who are not yet ready.

följ upp automatiskt på heta leads

Visual workflows help you automate follow up or nurturing.

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