Prospecting CRM 

Boost your effectiveness by knowing what your prospects might be interested in even before you call them. Get notified when your contacts return to your website. Easily follow up using email templates and automation features.

A CRM that tracks your website visitors

When calling a lead, you have 5 seconds to capture their interest.

Imagine knowing what they're interested in before you even make the call.

FunnelBud shows you what your contacts do on your website,. Which pages they visit, emails they click, and where they came from. All in a single easy to overview timeline view that also contains your synced emails.

Spend 3 minutes researching the timeline before your call to get warmer, friendlier and more interesting calls.

Get notified when prospects return

FunnelBud tracks your contacts and notifies you when they return to your website. This plays well with Lead Scoring, allowing you to get notified only when interesting leads return or when they visit interesting pages, such as product pages, case studies or pricing pages.

You can focus on what's important and let FunnelBud handle the rest. When a contact should be followed up, check out what they did and which topics they're interested in, and follow up with a pre-built and customizable email template or a call.


CRM prospecting features

See what your contact do on your website

Check out which pages your contacts visited before contacting them. Tag important pages and behavior that signals buying intent to follow up just in time.

Track pages visited

Check out which pages your contacts visit

Track email clicks and opens

See which emails you have sent and which newsletters your contacts have got in a timeline view. Check out which emails were opened and which links were clicked. This all helps you prepare for your next call or message.

Track email opens and clicks

See which emails have been sent, opened and clicked

Sync your emails to and from Gmail, Outlook and more

All your email communication is automatically synced - no need to BCC a strange URL or remember to manually hit a sync button. Get an overview over all your communication together with your contacts' activities in a single timeline view.

Sync emails to CRM

Sync your emails automatically from any system

All contact history in one place

See all communication and all activities in one place. How they originally got in touch with you, notes from calls and meetings, email sync, links clicked, pages visited, and more.

Contact history

See all history in one place

How does SharpSpring track contacts?

When your lead visits your page, clicks an email or fills out a form, a cookie is placed on their browser (this is a common technology used in the majority of business websites today). Cookies enables SharpSpring to follow a person as he or she browses multiple pages. You won't know who the person is until they've identified themselves either by clicking an email link, or filling out a form. But in some cases, SharpSpring will be able to tell you which company they're from (using reverse IP lookup).

Is this GDPR-compatible?

According to GDPR rules, you must either get consent to track a lead, or be allowed due to legitimate interest.

Most business websites gain consent through the cookie notice that inform users that information about their visit will be stored on the website. SharpSpring allows you to track visitors only when this consent is given.

What is not possible any more is buying lists and cold emaling them. This has never been good practice, as it is spam and risks destroying your sending reputation. With GDPR, this becomes even more important.

For you, this means that gaining consent with Inbound Marketing, using great content that offer your contacts value that they want to opt into, is more important than ever. We help you reach this goal with SharpSpring.

SharpSpring: All-in-one Marketing Automation & CRM with help included

SharpSpring is an easy to use Marketing Automation and CRM solution that helps you get leads, manage your deals, and sell more. Complete with features such as contact tracking, lead scring and automations. Offered by FunnelBud a premium SharpSpring agency, complete with Professional Services and implementation at no extra cost.

Marketing Automation

Landing pages, newsletters, automations, segments and more. Rather than a bunch of tools - one for newsletters, one for events, one for lead scoring - let SharpSpring manage it all.

CRM system

Contacts, accounts, business opportunities, pipelines, email sync, reports and more. Integrated with Marketing so you get leads right into the CRM. Work as one team in SharpSpring!

Included Services

Our job is to help you grow. Get more leads. Automate your business. Integrate. Training and coaching. Designs and templates. Others charge $2-4,000/mo. We charge nothing.

Low monthly cost. All included. High quality help. Don't hesitate to request a demo now!

Want to learn more about SharpSpring?

No more juggling multiple tools. All your contacts in one place. Great features that help you get more leads, sell and align your sales and marketing teams. All customer communication saved in one place. Low cost, and Professional Services from SharpSpring experts included to get you going fast. Get in touch with us now and let's talk!