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B2B lead generation software with FunnelBud's all in one marketing automation and CRM platform. Generate B2B leads with inbound marketing.

How many of your visitors convert to leads today?

A typical B2B company should convert at least 1.5% of their visitors to leads. Of these, at least 10% should turn into Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL) at some point. This means that for every 1,000 monthly visitors you have, you should get 1-2 qualified leads per month!

How do you convert?

Many people who read your blog (maybe published through your blogging software) or your website will want to get deeper into the topic that they're reading about, or learn more about you and how you could potentially help them. That is a prime opportunity to offer your visitors more information or insights about the topic that they're reading about, or an educated guess about which situation they might find themselves in if they're interested in that post, and solutions addressing that situation. Read more about how to start buying journeys based on situations customers may find themselves in.

To get the information you offer about the topic or the situation they might find themselves in, you may request their email address. You can then follow up with them personally or by sending more relevant information and enticing them to get in touch with you to lear more. This way selling is called Inbound Marketing and is one of the primary ways to generate B2B leads today.


Generate B2B leads with SharpSpring

Create landing pages in minutes and get leads

It is easy to build landing pages with SharpSpring. Select from many templates or modules, drag them into your page, edit text and images, and voila - you're done! Or use our team's vast B2B experience and let us help you create great sales funnels!

Mallar för landningssidor som är gjorda för konvertering!

Sell more with funnels rather than just single pages

Create your pages as part of complete sales funnels that attract, convert and qualify leads! Start with your core offer and a page. Then attract visitors using the built-in newsletter, social and segmentation tools. Finally, nurture leads using automations and sell to them using the built in CRM.

Fördefinierade flöden för dina leads

Dynamic content on your landing pages

Create one offer for leads and another for customers. Or different offers based on what your leads have shown interest in previously. SharpSpring helps you 10x conversion rates by showing more relevant offers to your leads.

Automatiska meddelanden på hemsidan för olika personer

What can we offer visitors in order for them to want to give us their email address?

A buying journey goes through three overarching stages.

First, a buyer becomes aware of a problem or challenge they want to solve. This stage is called Awareness. Their goal is to learn more about the problem. For example, if you're reading this, you may have a challenge which is "how do I generate more leads in my B2B industry?" and you want to learn more about that.

In the next step, the buyer wants to find a solution. This stage is called Consideration because they are considering different types of solutions. What sets this stage apart is that the buyer is considering what type of solution may work best for them, not specific vendors. In your case, you may for example be considering if you should buy lists or if you should invest time and money in a marketing automation system and generate leads yourself.

And in the final stage, the buyer has narrowed in on a type of solution, and is looking at specific vendors. This stage is called Decision. For example, you may have decided to go with a content marketing strategy and that you'll therefore invest in a marketing automation system, and you may have shortlisted us and some other vendors.

What does this have to do with content?

Different content fits different stages. So a good B2B lead generation strategy is to produce content for different buyers in different situations and in different stages in this buying journey. Produce content for people with a certain challenge in each of the phases Awareness, Consideration and Decision. In the Awareness phase, produce content that will frame the problems they're likely facing. In Consideration, produce content that compares different types of alternative solutions. And in decision, compare your specific products and services with those of other competing vendors.

We know from experience that almost any company has enough material to share within their company. It's just a matter of digging it out, packaging it, and sharing it. You have unique insights that leads would easily find worthy of sharing their email address for. So get to it and produce some great content now!

Are leads we get this way relevant for our sales reps?

There are sales reps out there who don't follow up on inbound leads. Can you believe it!

In fact, it's not so strange when you think about it. Time is of extreme importance for sales reps. The little time they have needs to be spent on the best qualified prospects, otherwise the best opportunities might be lost.

That's why a rep typically should not follow up on any random lead they get. Rather, build lead nurturing sequences that educate and qualify your leads for you. Then, use a lead scoring model to follow up on the best leads.

SharpSpring: All-in-one Marketing Automation & CRM with help included

SharpSpring is an easy to use Marketing Automation and CRM solution that helps you get leads, manage your deals, and sell more. Complete with features such as contact tracking, lead scring and automations. Offered by FunnelBud a premium SharpSpring agency, complete with Professional Services and implementation at no extra cost.

Marketing Automation

Landing pages, newsletters, automations, segments and more. Rather than a bunch of tools - one for newsletters, one for events, one for lead scoring - let SharpSpring manage it all.

CRM system

Contacts, accounts, business opportunities, pipelines, email sync, reports and more. Integrated with Marketing so you get leads right into the CRM. Work as one team in SharpSpring!

Included Services

Our job is to help you grow. Get more leads. Automate your business. Integrate. Training and coaching. Designs and templates. Others charge $2-4,000/mo. We charge nothing.

Low monthly cost. All included. High quality help. Don't hesitate to request a demo now!

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