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Get more visitors with FunnelBud's blogging tools

Did you know that the more frequently you blog, the more traffic you get? In fact, blogging is the equivalent of cold calling in today's digital world.

Our own customers average 5 new visitors per month per blog post that they write - forever. After a year of blogging weekly, that's over 3,000 new visitors per year who discover you every year, and it just grows from there if you continue after that!

Furthermore, the network effects are enourmous: The more you blog, and the more interlinked your blog posts, the more those posts help each other attract even more visits. When your brand is found, it gets shared. And when it gets shared, all your posts get even more shared.

By blogging just weekly, you after a year you will 10x the number of visitors compared to otherwise.

How blogging attracts visitors

What separates a blog from the rest of your website is that the nature of blogging is unstructured whereas your website pages should fit into a well defined structure. For you, this means that you don't need to pre-define which blog posts to write. Rather, you can blog about topics you find interesting as you go. If you happen to write several blog posts on the same topic, that's totally fine. In fact, it might be beneficial because each of them can look at the same topic from different angles and link to each other for a more meaningful whole.

That's one of the reasons the blog is a perfect way to cover a broad array of long tail keywords. These are variations of a single topic or keyword geared towards more precise searches. Each long tail keyword gets less traffic, but by blogging you can cover more of them and the traffic to each will be of higher quality since each such keyword more precisely covers the intent of the search.

The more you blog, the more keywords you will cover. While quantity is important, quality is even more so. If an article does not fulfill the expectations of the visitor, he or she will be disappointed and be worse off than if he or she had never found you. Worse than not reaching your target, you will tarnish your brand's reputation.

A network of well written posts that interlink effectively are found by visitors who have a problem and lead those visitors through a thought process of how they can solve their problem with your solutions.

Thus, a good blog gets more visitors, builds trust, and positions you as a good solution to their problems. That's why a good blog gets you both visitors, leads, and helps sales.


How SharpSpring's blog platform attracts visitors

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Attract visitors with SharpSpring's blogging platform

SEO optimized blog

By blogging regularly, you attract more vistors. We make it easy for you to blog with SharpSpring. We build an SEO- and conversion optimized blog that looks great, follows your brand guidelines, and makes blogging easy.

What if I don't have anything to say?

Not knowing what to write about is one of the most common problems businesses who are about to blog have today.

At FunnelBud, we've worked with many B2B businesses in various industries. We have seen many traditionally "boring" industries such as garbage managementprintingventilationinsurance software and many more create fascinating and attractive blogs with a lot of interesting content.

Don't worry. If you sell, you have interesting things to say to your customers. They do find your products worth looking at, thinking about, and purchasing, right? And your products do help them solve problems, right?

That's the crux. What problems do your customers have, and how do you solve them? That's what a great blog is made from. And based on our experience with companies in many industries, we assure you that you have something interesting to say. We will help you say it in the best way possible.

Will it work in my industry?

Do your customers have problems that you can solve? When you meet customers in sales meetings, do you educate them about these problems?

That's really it - but in the digital world. So if you have something to say, you need to say it digitally.

Your customers are out there, Googling, finding things via social media, and getting served ads by your competitors. This is regardless of industry.

If you want to sell, you need to meet your customers in their digital buying journey, and start building the relationship digitally. It works in your industry to the degree that your customers are online - which they almost always are.

SharpSpring: All-in-one Marketing Automation & CRM with help included

SharpSpring is an easy to use Marketing Automation and CRM solution that helps you get leads, manage your deals, and sell more. Complete with features such as contact tracking, lead scring and automations. Offered by FunnelBud, a premium SharpSpring agency, complete with Professional Services and implementation at no extra cost.

Marketing Automation

Landing pages, newsletters, automations, segments and more. Rather than a bunch of tools - one for newsletters, one for events, one for lead scoring - let SharpSpring manage it all.

CRM system

Contacts, accounts, business opportunities, pipelines, email sync, reports and more. Integrated with Marketing so you get leads right into the CRM. Work as one team in SharpSpring!

Included Services

Our job is to help you grow. Get more leads. Automate your business. Integrate. Training and coaching. Designs and templates. Others charge $2-4,000/mo. We charge nothing.

Low monthly cost. All included. High quality help. Don't hesitate to request a demo now!


No more juggling multiple tools. All your contacts in one place. Great features that help you get more leads, sell and align your sales and marketing teams. All customer communication saved in one place. Low cost, and Professional Services from SharpSpring experts included to get you going fast. Get in touch with us now and let's talk!