Chatbot for business 

Get a B2B chatbot that converts, processes leads, connects you with website visitors and helps customers. We help with strategies and best practices!

What is a B2B chatbot?

A chatbot is a virtual assistant that can be used, for example, in the bottom corner of your website to help your visitors find what they need or answer questions they have.

A chatbot can have many application areas, such as customer support, internal business platforms, and more (Wikipedia).

However, most B2B companies use chatbots to increase the conversions on their website, improve the user experience, and process their sales leads by providing tips and guidance.

Our customers have increased the conversion rate on their websites by 3-10% by implementing a simple chatbot!

business chatbot
3 month chatbot results from one client

3 month chatbot results from one client

What makes a good chatbot?

A chatbot is often pre-programmed to ask several questions and provide a number of choices. Based on the choices, they either guide the visitor, answer frequently asked questions, suggest materials, book an appointment for you, or even pair you with a person at the other end.

Here are some tips:

  • Answer the visitors' most common questions
  • Use daily speech in the messages (which you would use to chat with a friend)
  • Capture visitors' attention through audio and interesting messages
  • Give the opportunity to talk to a real person
  • Be personal through, e.g. emojis and symbols
Chatbot for B2B business example

More tips can be found in our article here: A good marketing strategy for chatbots.

How does a chatbot fit into your inbound marketing strategy?

A chatbot is an excellent tool in every step of your inbound strategy:

  1. Get more leads: A chatbot can create more satisfied customers and convert more leads. Our customers enjoy 3-10% increased conversions with a chatbot on their site!
  2. Process and qualify your contacts: A chatbot can not only create new leads, but also ask the visitor if they want additional information, ask relevant questions that help your qualification process, or include them in sequences that train and nurture them further.
  3. Close deals: As a customer, you often want to be able to get quick answers about price, product, service or others before making a choice. Fastest to answer often wins! Here, a chatbot is a great tool for connecting with sales or even letting the visitor easily download a quote or presentation you prepared for them.
  4. Create satisfied customers: One of the most common uses for chatbots. You can offer support to customers, get feedback about their service experience, and investigate customer satisfaction in a simple way!

A chatbot is an excellent complement to your overall strategy, where marketing and sales can work together to create more satisfied customers.

The benefit of a chatbot that understands the entire buying journey

A standalone chatbot will never be as effective as a chatbot that adapts to where your buyers are in their buying journey.

We offer chatbots as part of FunnelBud, the comprehensive marketing and sales system. In addition to the system, both inbound consultation and technical consultation are included. We train you and also help you design and implement an effective chatbot process that drives business.

When your chatbot is part of a comprehensive system that understands and drives the entire buying journey for your customers, it becomes more relevant and interesting for your visitors. It can then understand where they are in the buying process, what they are interested in based on information provided by your salespeople, and contextually help the buyer with more relevant information.

It thus creates a more professional customer experience, greater trust, and a higher win rate!

Example of a Chatbot Workflow

Here is a simple chatbot workflow with a follow-up that we can help you build on your website. It creates more leads and nurtures them.

It is a so-called "evergreen implementation" - i.e., you set it up once, and it creates value for you forever!

business chatbot flow

A simple business chatbot implementation that creates and nurtures leads. (Image created in Funnelytics.)

How it works:

  1. The chatbot offers your visitors the option to either download a white paper or book a meeting with you.
  2. After entering their email address or booking a meeting, they receive an automatic email feed that provides tips and inspiration.
  3. When they click, they get a higher "lead score", which together with other factors determines whether they are qualified. It then ends up directly in your CRM system where you can follow up, for example, with emails based on good follow-up templates you have prepared.

Create effective chatbots that convert more leads!

Chatbot for B2B business example

Stylish chatbot that isn't intrusive but is easily accessible when needed

Set up stylish, personalized chatbots in minutes

A chatbot should be stylish and interesting but not intrusive. It is like a shop assistant who is available if necessary, but does not bother you if you want to look for yourself!

SharpSpring chatbots are both stylish, relevant, and easily accessible to your visitors when needed.

See how we create a chatbot from scratch in only 4 mins

Easily create flows to guide your customers

Create flows of questions, answers, options, and follow-ups in an easy-to-use visual interface. Of course, the Funnelbud package includes help with both strategy, inspiration, tips and the construction itself!

create business chatbot flows

Easily create visual chatbot flows.

business chatbot by audience variables

Create different chatbots for different visitors and pages.

Create different chatbots for different visitors and pages

Surely a shop assistant would not ask the same generic question to a person looking at watches as one looking at jewellery?

In the same way, you can customize your chatbots based on what your visitors do and who they are!

Create chatbots that understand your buyer's journey

The same shop assistant also would not give the same generic tips to someone who just entered the store, someone who has already talked to a salesperson, and someone who is already a customer and wants to ask for advice.

Because Sharp Spring’s chatbots have the entire sales process in context, it becomes more relevant, increasing customer satisfaction and conversions.

contextualized chatbots by sales process

Customize your chatbots based on the vistitor's buyer's journey.

connect business chatbot to live chat

Connect your visitors with a real person (click on the image to view full size).

Connect directly to a real person!

When a buyer compares different services, they often have quick questions that they need immediate answers to. In these situations, the meeting often goes to the fastest responder!

Therefore, SharpSpring's chatbots can give your visitors a quick and easy way to chat with a salesperson or support representative.

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