Landing pages 

Create great looking and conversion optimized landing with a few simple clicks. Drag-and-drop pre-made modules to create any page you want in a few clicks. Make pages part of sales funnels that attracts new visitors, convert them into leads, and nurture them into buyers. All in a single tool.

What is a landing page?

A landing page is the page that you land on when you click for example a button or an ad that leads to an offer (Wikipedia).

In the B2B world, when we talk about landing pages, we usually mean pages designed to convert visitors to leads. We do this by offering them something that they can access by filling out a form.

What can you offer on your landing pages?

An offer on your landing page can be anything that a visitor will find valuable enough to exchange their email address for. This is a core part of a typical Inbound Marketing strategy. In that context, offers are usually PDF based guides where you offer insights related to challenges your prospects and customers have. But it can also be things such as a free demo or trial, special calculators relating to your customers' businesses, freemium products, or free consultation offers.

Typically, an offer is or should be part of your overall Content Marketing strategy, and linked to articles, social media posts, videos, and other type of material relating to the theme of the offer.

What makes a great landing page?

Because the purpose of a landing page is to entice visitors to download an offer, their design often differs from standard website pages. Here are the five most common traits that distinguish great landing pages:

  1. No menu: Landing pages often lack a menu because that's a diversion from the goal - to downlad that offer.
  2. Forms: To get a lead, you need the lead to give you their information. Thus, forms are essential.
  3. Conversion optimized: A landing page needs to entice visitors to fill out that form. Thus, their content is often geared towards getting you to act, and their design accentuates the conversion elements such as buttons or forms.
  4. Part of digital sales funnels: A landing page is often not stand-alone, but part of (or should be) a larger sales funnel. Such a funnel might consists of ads, articles or posts that drive visitors. They link to a series of landing pages that "sell" the offer to you, entice you to fill out the form, provide the offer to you, and finally entice you to fill out other offers. And finally, this is followed up by nurturing automations that entice you to get in touch or learn more about how the company who made the offer can help you.
  5. Stand-alone: Landing pages are usually not part of your website structure, but act as stand-alone campaigns not accessible from your website menu. This is because offers are usually the "next step" after someone has read on your website, and opts to enter a more streamlined sales funnel through such pages.

Build great looking and conversion optimized landing pages with FunnelBud

FunnelBud is an all in one system for marketing and sales. Because it is important to be able to quickly build and publish great looking landing pages without depending on your IT team, FunnelBud's landing page feature set is easy to use.

In just five minutes, you can both build and publish a campaign that consists of multiple interlinked landing pages, drive visitors to your landing page with built in social media and segmentation tools, and follow up with nurturing sequences that qualify leads for your sales team and push them into the built in CRM.

Here are some of FunnelBud's landing page features:

  • Choose from many pre-built modules that allow you to put together a great looking page in just a few minutes
  • Customize each module and the whole page to accurately reflect your brand
  • What you see is what you get with a great front-end visual editor
  • Completely customizable if you prefer to use code to make any change you can imagine
  • GDPR-ready with built in cookie and form consent options and trackers
  • We help you with everything from campaign strategy to building templates and even entire sales funnels


Here are a few examples of landing pages built by some of our customers. Feel free to try them out! Perhaps some of their offers might even interest you? FunnelBud's customers make up a tight network of B2B companies in different industries that often help each other with both services and sharing FunnelBud and marketing strategies and tactics.

Landing Page Example - Strikersoft

Newsletter registration for e-health and more

Landing Page Example - Frontit - Sales Page

Strategy workshop consultation offer

Landing Page Example - Crowdsoft Guide Product Brief

Product guide for communication solution

Landing Page Example: Cellip PDF

Guide about Skype for Busines

Landing Page Example - Frontit - Seminar

Seminar registration for Quality Management

Landing page example: Cellip Webinar

Skype for Business webinar offer


Easily create great looking landing pages

landningssidor för att konvertera till leads

Templates and ready-made modules you can use

Create landing pages in minutes and get leads

It is easy to build landing pages with SharpSpring. Select from many templates or modules, drag them into your page, edit text and images, and voila - you're done! Or use our team's vast B2B experience and let us help you create great sales funnels!

Sell more with compete funnels rather than just single pages

Create your pages as part of complete sales funnels that attract, convert and qualify leads! Start with your core offer and a page. Then attract visitors using the built-in newsletter, social and segmentation tools. Finally, nurture leads using automations and sell to them using the built in CRM.

skapa lead funnels

Make your pages part of complete sales funnels

visa leads och besökare relevant innehåll

Show different content to different visitors

Dynamic content on your landing pages

Create one offer for leads and another for customers. Or different offers based on what your leads have shown interest in previously. SharpSpring helps you 10x conversion rates by showing more relevant offers to your leads.

SharpSpring: All-in-one Marketing Automation & CRM with help included

SharpSpring is an easy to use Marketing Automation and CRM solution that helps you get leads, manage your deals, and sell more. Complete with features such as contact tracking, lead scring and automations. Offered by FunnelBud, a premium SharpSpring agency, complete with Professional Services and implementation at no extra cost.

Marketing Automation

Landing pages, newsletters, automations, segments and more. Rather than a bunch of tools - one for newsletters, one for events, one for lead scoring - let SharpSpring manage it all.

CRM system

Contacts, accounts, business opportunities, pipelines, email sync, reports and more. Integrated with Marketing so you get leads right into the CRM. Work as one team in SharpSpring!

Included Services

Our job is to help you grow. Get more leads. Automate your business. Integrate. Training and coaching. Designs and templates. Others charge $2-4,000/mo. We charge nothing.

Low monthly cost. All included. High quality help. Don't hesitate to request a demo now!


No more juggling multiple tools. All your contacts in one place. Great features that help you get more leads, sell and align your sales and marketing teams. All customer communication saved in one place. Low cost, and Professional Services from SharpSpring experts included to get you going fast. Get in touch with us now and let's talk!