Personalized Marketing 

How can you use personalized marketing? Show the right content to the right person on your own website and emails. Deliver the right content at the right time with personalized Marketing Automation. Convert more leads and sales.

Personalize for each individual's unique buying journey

Marketing is no longer about pushing out the same message to everyone. That's called mass marketing, and it doesn't work any more. Buyers start buying journeys on their own terms, and a generic message will not cut it if they're going to give you their trust.

Rather than try to push them in your direction with a generic message, you need to attract them so they travel their journey towards you. To do that, you need to understand what each individual customer's journey is about and communicate about issues that matter to them.

With FunnelBud, you can tailor your communication to each individual. You can turn mass marketing to mass individualization.

Create your segments

FunnelBud helps you understand what's important to each individual by looking at three types of information about your potential buyers:

  • The buyer persona: Who your customer is tells you what type of communication and messages makes them tick.
  • The journey stage: How far they've travelled in their journey towards a purchase tells you whether to communicate about challenges, solutions or products and services.
  • The journey interest: What the customer's journey is about tells you which topics you need to communicate about.

Start by thinking through your buyers in terms of these dimensions. Then create segments around them. Don't worry - you can always add, remove or edit later. Start with something and improve as you keep learning more about your audience.

Personalize for each segment

After segmenting, use FunnelBud's personalized content engine to show different messages to different segments, both on your web, in your emails and on external channels. This will engage each contact more and increase your conversion from lead to buyer.

If a contact is at an early stage and you don't know what they're interested in, you can show common challenges on the web. When they fill out a form to download a lead magnet, you find out more and send an email that explains how customers with similar challenges and needs did.

As your contacts interats with you on various channels, FunnelBud allows you to get to know them and understand their buying journey as it develops. This works across your web and emails as well as for personal contacts with salespeople calls as your sales team logs calls and adds information to the contact profile.

This allows you to create increasingly targeted content that's helpful for customers in different stages and different journeys.

For example, if a contact shows signals of moving to the next stage in their journey, the next newsletter they get might contain information about how to get in touch with you, and your website migth show a specific solution that will likely be helpful for this contact. Or when the account manager logs an opportunity, FunnelBud might trigger social media ads about that product or service while your website features those products for that contact with a clear contact button underneath.

Why personalized marketing makes an impact

You only have a limited time to capture your buyers' interest. Squander that time with irrelevant mass communication, and you might lose the contact.

By showing relevant information to each person, you get higher conversion from lead to opportunity and from opportunity to sale. It also helps your buyer and makes their journey with you pleasant.

Did you know that your WordPress site can show different content to different people? Try here!

Personalize your marketing on external channels

It shouldn't matter which channel you're communicating in - your contact should get the same message, adapted to their segment and stage, regardless.

FunnelBud allows you to push messages out on external channels, such as social media and via ads. Using segmented lists based on the above criteria, you can customize which ads to show for which contacts.

That means your contacts will get the same message regardless of whether the medium is your website, email or social channels.


Personalized Marketing Automation with SharpSpring

Get to know each individual

To personalize your marketing, you need to know the individuals you're dealing with. SharpSpring saves each contact and their history. This allows you to create accurate segments and communicate with each contact based on their needs.

content marketing contacts

Get to know each idividual you're dealing with

Create segments based on stages and interests

SharpSpring can store contacts in segments based on their their interactions with you on the web, via emails, and with salespeople. You can understand who they are, what they're interested in, and how far towards a decision they've come. This allows you to attract your buyers with relevant messages that solves their needs at any given moment.

content marketing segmentering

Create segments based on interests and stage

Personalize your marketing across web, email and ads

Show different content on your website, via emails, and even on external channels through paid ads, based on who your contact is, what their journey is about, and how far along it they've travelled. Increase the effectiveness of your marketing and help the buyer through their buying journey.

dynamisk hemsida och mail

This sounds like a lot of work.. How easy is it?

Creating individualized and personalized marketing on various channels requires a lot of work. First you need to understand your various segments. Then you need to produce variations of your content for each.

That's why this is usually done in increments, and when you're done implementing your Inbound Marketing fundamentals.

Start with getting your initial buying journeys in place. Have inbound sales funnels that fit a broader audience to start with. Make sure to have routines in place to regularly post new articles and social media posts to get visitors and leads. Ensure that your sales process is able to handle new leads, and ensure that salespeople have ways to push leads back to marketing for long-term nurturing in different scenarios.

Only then will you be able to get more granular and start personalizing these buying journeys for each individual lead. With the foundations in place, you're able to analyze existing buying journeys and find the best places to start. You'll be able to analyze which emails, pages and content has the biggest potential to be personalized, based on what you've learned about your audience and comparing that with the content that has the biggest impact on your existing funnels. Start with a single email or page. As you learn, you'll gain confidence to create increasingly personalized content, and even entire sales funnels, targeting each buyer based on their individual needs.

While all this does take time and require effort, once you've customized one part, that's going to work for you forever. By doing it step by step, you'll continuously see the benefits of doing each step, which will encourage you to continue. And the impact on your conversion and sales will be worth it.

Furthermore, our job is to help you grow, and we aim to build a long term and close relationship with each of our customers. We will help you achieve this and other goals over time, working with you and guiding you each step of the way.

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