Segmentation software 

Segment your audience based on who they are, what they're interested in, and what they've done. Use this to personalize and automate your marketing efforts.

Traditional segmentation models no longer work

Typical segmentation software will segment your audience based on attributes. But your audience's attributes don't determine what they buy and when they buy it. Their situation, interest, challenges do.

To be successful in marketing, you need to meet your customers before they start their buying journey

Their attributes, such as title, geography or industry doesn't tell you what challenges they need to solve and when to solve them. To find customers with the right challenges when they need your help, you need to target situations that your customers find themselves in when they start buying journeys.

Then, you need to segment your contacts based on their buying journey. To do this, you need to track their digital body language and use this to personalize your marketing efforts to each individual.

Interest based segmentation software

Segment your audience based on:

  1. The situation they find themselves in when they need your solutions
  2. How far they are in their buying journey (corresponding to your digital sales process)
  3. Their interests

Early in the buying journey, your audience may be interested in learning more about the situation they're in, in general terms. Later on, your solution. Their titles, geography or industry doesn't tell you anything about this.

And what your target group is interested in tells you what content they need. Regardless of title.

Interest based communication

First, divide your content into situations customers are in, the buying journey steps, and your contacts' interests. Then, use segmentation software to track what content they're consuming, thereby mapping them to corresponding segments. This will allow you to create true personalized communication that's helpful to your audience.

Do this, and you will see conversion rates on your website and click rates on your emails skyrocket, and the number of qualified leads to sales increase drastically.


Interest based segmentation software

spåra kontakter på hemsidan

See which pages your contacts are visiting

Track contacts' interests on your web, emails and social

SharpSpring lets you see what content your contacts are consuming on your website, emails, and on social media. By mapping content to contacts' situations, stages and interest, you can create true interest based segments.

Segment based on situation, not just attributes

Your data is the foundation of your marketing efforts. Without good and well organized data, you can't send the right content to the right contacts. SharpSpring tracks what your contacts do, where they are in the buying journey, and what they're interested in, and update your database automatically with the right information.

Segmentera på intressen

Update your contact database automatically

Dynamiskt innehåll på webben

Show unique content to each website visitor

Personalize communication to different segments

When you know your contacts situations, sales stage and interests, you will be able to personalize your marketing content accordingly. Adapt your website and email content to each unique visitor, and show ads on social media based on contact info.

I don't know how to map my content based on situations or interests!

That's totally fine! This is what we help all our clients with. We'll start with a series of strategy meetings online to discuss your sales process and your audiences. This will allow us to start mapping your digital sales process against your customers' buying processes. As part of this process, we'll help you organize your content to each individual buying journey.

How is "buyer personas" related to all this?

Buyer Personas are actually simply another way to segment your contacts based on their attributes!

Think about it. A buyer persona is supposed to tell you who a "archetypical contact" is. But all it is, is a collection of attributes, such as age, what they like, what challenges they have, and who they are. This is all fine and dandy, and helps you get a more clear mental picture of your customer, but it will not help you understand the unique situations that cause your buyers to start their buying journeys.

Your marketing should not only target different personas in a general way. Rather, it should target unique situations that these personas might find themselves in, where you can help them solve their challenges. Targeting your buyers buying situations will help you match your marketing message to what your target audience need in the moment when they need it.

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