FunnelBud Flow CRM and Marketing.

Marketing and sales suddenly became easier

Easy-to-use and flexible CRM and digital marketing platform with built-in content AI for your marketing and sales. For those who want to get started and know that you have a system for many years.

Some of our customers

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The features for your daily work

Contacts, newsletters, calendar bookings, sales boards, segmentation and much more. Simply put, what you need for your daily work in both marketing and sales.

Full customer cycle - from lead to closed deal

Capture leads with forms, stay in touch with newsletters, and send relevant information to segmented lists. Sales keeps track of and closes deals with sales boards, calendar booking and automations,

Made for smaller marketing and sales teams

FunnelBud Flow is an easy-to-use system with no start-up time and no hassle. It has even been named after our customers' reactions. It just "flows"... 

Reaching out to more people

Email is how you build relationships and trust. Send newsletters and create automatic follow-up emails with personalized content.

Increasing sales

Set reminders, follow up and gather all communication in one place. No prospects fall through the cracks anymore.

Analyze what works

Keep track of which campaigns are generating leads. A/B test emails for best results. When you know what works, your daily work becomes easier and you can focus on what works. 

"It's so incredibly smooth to work in Flow. Everything is easy to find."

Features that deliver results

Feature 01
Email marketing

Build relationships and trust with your prospects. Send newsletters, create automatic email loops and hold.

Feature 02
Marketing Automation

Free up time and resources with automated communication flows and personalize your communication based on interest and activity.

Feature 03
Calendar and email sync

Gather all communication with prospects and opportunities in one platform. You can easily keep track of what has been decided and discussed. 

Feature 04

Create surveys and polls to get feedback and input from your customers to improve your business.

Feature 05
SMS and calls

Send automatic reminders, call directly from the platform and communicate with propsects who did not answer the phone.

Feature 06
Social media

Post on social media, keep track of comments and respond to direct messages in the platform. Simple and easy.

Feature 07

Create beautiful forms that allow your visitors to contact you directly from your website. Collect information to personalize your emails.

Feature 08
Proposals and e-signature

Create and send out quotes and have them sign with an e-signature. You will receive a notification when it is done.

Feature 09
Analyses and reports

Keep track of which campaigns are generating leads. A/B test emails for best results. When you know what works, your daily work becomes easier and you can focus on what works.

Feature 10
Cold email campaigns

Send out drip emails and text messages to cold contacts.

Feature 11
Sales board and shops

Create new business opportunities, add them to your customized pipeline and record what has been decided. All information in one place. 

Feature 12
Content AI

Use AI to create and inspire content for social media, emails and more.

Choose the right plan for you

Try for free, exit whenever you want. Choose the package you think fits best, you can always change your mind during the test and we will help you evaluate! 3 onboarding meetings included, then you can buy one of our optional onboarding packages or do it all yourself using our checklists, articles, videos and support chat!
Want to learn more before trying it out? Watch our video demos where we show you all the features!


Includes 3 users*

Credit for 4900 mailings or 390 min calls included each month*


per month

  • Unlimited number of contacts
  • Chat support
  • Chat widget
  • Pipelines
  • Contact database
  • Notes and reminders
  • Segmentation
  • Email sync (Google, Outlook)
  • Calendar sync
  • Bookings (replace Calendly)
  • Proposals and e-signature
  • Reports
  • Call and text*
  • Automations
Most popular

Lead Gen

Includes 3 users*

9800 emails or 780 min calls included*


per month

  • All in the CRM package as well:
  • Newsletters
  • Content AI*
  • Customizable newsletter templates
  • Forms
  • Activity tracking
  • Email sequences

Inbound marketing

Includes 3 users*

19 743 emails or 1562 min calls included*


per month

  • All in the Lead Gen package as well:
  • Social media planner
  • Landing pages
  • Website builders
  • Surveys
  • Blog
  • B2B community and customer portal
  • Online card payment

Included credits

Each package has a number of credits that can be used for calls, texts and emails. You can also buy additional credits.

  • CRM: $5/month, example usage: 420 sms or 390 min calls or 4935 emails
  • Lead Gen: $10/month, example usage: 840 sms or 781 min calls or 9871 emails
  • Inbound Marketing: $20/month, example usage: 1680 sms or 1562 min calls or 19 743 emails

Additional purchases (optional)

The following are optional additions if needed.

Extra users: £22/user and month

Call minutes, text messages or emails in addition to those included in each package. You buy credits that can then be used on texts, calls and emails.

  • Calling: Charged in USD, $0.021/min. $10 = 7.9 hours/month)
  • Receiving calls: Charged in USD, $0.012/min. 10 = 13.9 hours/month.
  • SMS: Charged in USD, $0.0119/SMS. $10 = 840 sms/month).
  • Email: Charged in USD, $1.013/1000 emails. $10 = 9872 emails/month).

Phone number: £2.35/month ($3/month).
Note: Price is for Swedish phone numbers. Prices for other countries may vary.

Premium triggers in automations: Charged in USD, $0.015/launch. $10 = 665 launches/month).

Premium triggers are those that can replace certain Zapier functions. They are clearly marked in the app. Examples include receiving/sending webhooks for integration, sending information to Google Sheet or Slack, time/date formatters or number formatters.

Email verification: Charged in USD, $3.75/1000 emails. $10 = 2667 emails/month).

Email verification allows you to automatically check if an email address you've added for a user is being used so you don't get a lot of "hard bounces" that can damage your email reputation.

Content AI: Charged in USD, $0.135/1000 words. $10 = 74, 075 words/month).

Let FunnelBud's Content AI generate content for emails, landing pages and social media posts.

Onboarding package

You can choose to set up everything yourself using our checklists, our training videos and our support, but with our onboarding packages you get a consultant to help you understand and set up everything faster!

We will help you with the following depending on the package you choose:

CRM onboarding, £366 for 2 months, incl. Personal Success Partner: Basic settings, integration with email and calendar (Google or Microsoft), calendar booking function on your website and email signature, help with import, set up contact database and sales board, basic sales training.

Lead Gen onboarding, £660 for 3 months, incl. Personal Success Partner: Everything from CRM onboarding plus setting up contact segments, help setting up forms on the website, setting up thank you emails for new leads, sending new leads to sales reps, training in newsletter design and help sending out and analyzing your first newsletter!

Inbound Marketing onboarding, £1172 for 4 months, incl. Personal Success Partner: Everything from Lead Gen onboarding plus help setting up your first landing page (inbound campaign or webinar), processing new leads from your website or from ad campaigns (automation engine), sending hot leads to sales, and your first social media post.

Other optional sets

  • Import and database set-up
  • Setting up your pipelines
  • Branded email templates
  • A standard set of landing page templates
  • Calendar and email sync
  • Technical settings for emailing (DNS and email domains)
  • Form changes or links
  • Chat bubble or "call me" on the website
  • Help setting up pop-ups / slide-ins on the website
  • Processing sequence of new leads (you write the content)
  • Handover of hot leads + notification to sales.

Other optional trainings

  • Building a lead gen funnel (lead magnet, landing page, thank you email and automation sequence, lead qualification)
  • Capturing leads (forms, chat bubble, "call me" function, interactive research/survey)
  • Working with automation
  • Testing, sending and analyzing newsletters
  • Working in your CRM
  • Email and SMS prospecting
  • Using calendars and booking functions
  • Posting on social media
  • Building landing pages
  • Building an LMS, membership sites, and customer sites with products and logins.

Frequently asked questions

Can I quit when I want to?

Yep, you just pay month by month and there's no lock-in period. If you sign up for 30 days free and cancel within that month, you pay nothing.

Can you help me migrate if I am already using HubSpot or another system?

Absolutely!!! We have migrated many HubSpot customers or customers from other systems over the years.

Contact us to learn more and discuss your case.

Can I test your system before I decide?

Absolutely! You can always try FunnelBud Flow for free for 30 days. If you don't like it, you can cancel and pay nothing. We can also give you a demo of the system so you can see what it looks like in practice.

What happens after I have signed?

Your account will be created, your login details will be sent to you by email and we will contact you to help you get started. You can see more about this in our video

Can I import my contact database into your system?

Absolutely! It's easy and we'll even help you with it in the start-up phase. You can import both contacts and companies using a standard CSV file and get all the information you have saved on them. The system also takes care that there are no duplicates in the database when you import.