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Jan 03

Can I send to purchased lists?

By Marie Vitkova | Inbound

Buying an email list might seem like a good idea and an easy way to increase the number of your subscribers and potential clients. But is it legal to send emails to purchased email lists? And would they help or rather harm your business?In short, using purchased lists and emailing unengaged subscribers will cause deliverability […]

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outbound vs inbound
Dec 21

Outbound vs. Inbound marketing and sales tools

By Yusuf Young | Inbound

Is your product and industry best suited for an inbound or outbound approach?That’s what most people ask themselves. But actually, that’s the wrong question!In this article, we’ll explain why we at FunnelBud work together with our partners at Airborne to do both.The difference between inbound and outboundFor most (in our experience, almost all) industries, Inbound […]

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Oct 05

Using Chatbot in your Marketing Strategy

By Marian Semchyshyn | Chatbot

What are chatbots?A chatbot is a software program that can perform automated interactions with human users based on a set of conversational templates, triggers and events.How can chatbots benefit your company?Yes, it is always hard to make a decision and start implementing something completely new. However, processes that can improve your team’s efficiency can very […]

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Sep 14

How To Avoid Spam Traps In Your Email Campaigns

By Nikola Knezevic | CRM

Common assumptions: “I never sent an email to the purchased list or to some random email. I think I will not hit the spam trap when sending my email campaign.” Wrong! Even if you follow best practices of collecting emails, and most of your emails are organically collected via form submissions, there is still the possibility […]

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Sep 03

Generate more revenue with your Marketing Funnels

By Sam Koekemoer | Funnels

Generate more revenue with your Marketing FunnelsYou’ve worked hard to create an inbound funnel for your company – you’ve created a beautiful landing page, captivating content and a set of interesting follow-up emails. Why aren’t the leads rolling in?This article aims to help you plug the leaks in your marketing funnel and capture the maximum […]

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