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CRM and marketing platform for businesses with small marketing and sales teams

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Do you recognize yourself?

  • Prospects and customers fall through the cracks
  • You don't know what all sellers do
  • You are wasting time on things that could be automated.
  • Website visitors are not captured
  • Contacts in your database never hear from you
  • You don't know when a lead is eligible to be sent to sales.

FunnelBud's CRM and digital marketing platforms allow you to...

Keep track of your business

Keep all customers and deals together in one place, create automatic flows, set reminders and keep track of all salespeople. All communication can be followed directly from the platform, so nothing gets lost or forgotten.

Automate manual work

Automate emails, events, sales reminders and much more. Save time and focus on what gets results. 

Segment your contacts

Send out relevant content to the right person, whether it's customers, prospects or new leads. Use newsletters, email loops and SMS to stay in touch and respond to emails directly in the platform.

More marketing. More sales. No hassle.

What our customers say

Anders Borde

We are very impressed with how much we get in FunnelBud's system.

Anders BördeFounder of Moblrn

80% of HubSpot's features at a fraction of the cost. We also use more features with FunnelBud than we ever would with HubSpot thanks to the consultant.

Fredrik Backlund LightAir

FunnelBud provides everything we need at a third of the price of other Marketing Automation systems.

Ulf Lesley Strikersoft

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