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Marketing Automation & CRM with services included

Why should you pay for a system, then separately to an agency to help you use it? We believe in a model where our incentives align with yours: A system which we help you use to its full capacity.

FunnelBud was born out of frustration with the traditional Marketing Automation agency model. After encountering countless businesses who were only using a fraction of their expensive systems, we decided to include ongoing implementation and consulting services for free. 5 years later, we have helped over 100 B2B enterprise businesses in IT, manufacturing, software, services, recruitment and more grow using the full fruits of Marketing Automation and CRM. Read our full story here >>

Why do you need a Marketing Automation agency?

Most Marketing Automation and CRM vendors trust you to learn it and use it by yourself. Vendors offer initial and standardized onboarding services and technical support, but you're on your own with strategy and learning all the features.

It's certainly possible to learn all the features and test which strategies work by yourself, but most businesses neither have time nor money for trial and error.

Unfortunately, the market is filled with businesses who purchased a system, only to get stuck not knowing what to do or how to do it. Today's marketing automation systems are 

A marketing automation agency can help create a strategy that will work for you, implement features efficiently, and measure what works.

The problem with the traditional Marketing Automation agency model

Marketing Automation agencies are great for getting started quickly and for setting up standard campaigns. But what happens when they leave, or when you want to take over to do something more customized?

There are several problems with the traditional agency model:

  • They are incentivized by hours: A traditional agency get paid by the hours, so they have no incentive making you the expert or training you to do it yourself. They'd rather continue getting more hours, making you dependent on them.
  • The implementations will be generic: Nobody understands your unique business processes as well as you do. Traditional agencies can help you get started quickly with standard implementations, but as soon as you want something more customized, having an external party learn your unique business processes becomes very costly.
  • Long term costs will be higher: The main reason you hire an agency to do something you could do yourself is to save costs. Short-term, an agency can implement standard implementations quicker, better, and at a lower cost than if you were to learn it yourself. But continuing to depend on an external company for your core marketing and sales needs will be expensive in the long run.

What makes FunnelBud's services different?

We're neither a system vendor nor an agency. We provide a system, and services are included for free on an ongoing basis.

Unlike system vendors, we don't leave you once the initial onboarding is completed. And unlike traditional agencies, we don't charge for consulting, training, ongoing implementation services, integrations, or other work that are essential for your success.

You can cancel at any time. And our incentives are to:

A) Help you use the full feature set of the system, so that you'll stay our customer forever.

B) Make you an expert, so that you don't have to depend on us to grow your business.

As your partner, we'll get to know your business processes and needs in-depth and help you customize the system fully to your needs. Your job is to do marketing and sales work, while our job is to help you with strategy and customization.

Who will you be working with? Meet our team here >>


We are a SharpSpring Platinum partner. SharpSpring is an all-in-one system for marketing and CRM. It has everything you need to capture leads, communicate, and manage your deals.

Your own project manager. Weekly web meetings with strategy, training and implementation. Set up of templates, processes, automations, campaigns, integrations and more. We want to help you grow and make you an expert.

No commitments. Month-to-month cost. Help included. With us, you get consultation, implementations and project management for free with your license.

See Marketing & Sales Automation in action!

1h personalized online demo. No commitments!

Ulf Lesley Group CMO, Strikersoft

FunnelBud has exceeded our expectations!

FunnelBud's system does everything we need for a third of the price of competitors. And with help that is both included and has exceeded our expectations. A no-brainer.

Eva Norras Rehn Marketing & Communications, Qurant

We have already doubled our leads!

By using FunnelBud's professional, well-structured and helpful support, we were able to implement SharpSpring quickly and easily. In just 3 months, we have already doubled our leads. We are very pleased.

Marketing Automation & CRM benefits

Get more clients

Get more hits from Google and higher conversion to leads and customers:

  • Blog and publish your posts on social media to get more visitors
  • Convert more visitors to leads on landing pages
  • Qualify your leads with personal and automated lead nurturing
  • Close deals with the built in CRM system or integrate with yours
  • Report on which marketing channels and activities drive business
communicate one-to-one with each lead

Communicate one-on-one

Create a personal, one-on-one buying journey with your customers:

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Get more done with automations that clean your database and handle your marketing for you:

inbound marketing by product managers

Want to try being marketed to?

testa att få inbound marketing

Do you want to see what Marketing Automation feels like from a customer's perspective? Our 7-week interactive marketing demo will show you exactly that, using fun and interactive emails, videos and screenshots once per seek that adapt dynamically based on what you do. Try it now!