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Market + complex sales needs = true

All-in-one system for teams that have complex sales processes with multiple contacts. Market and customizable CRM, pure and simple.

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Keep track of every transaction

Complex sales processes require a good system. With all communication and information in one place. So that nothing falls through the cracks

Marketing and sales in the same platform

You can get an all-in-one that covers both marketing and complex sales processes. The right features. Better results.

Features that deliver results

Send newsletters, set up follow-up reminders and track all communications from within the platform. Keep track of their interests and be notified when a prospect visits pages or clicks on an email. 

Anders Borde

FunnelBud's system has what we need and the amount of help and expertise we have received from them is impressive.

Anders BördeFounder of Moblrn

Mikael Swartz

Before FunnelBud we did not have a good overview of our leads, customers and business. Today we have total control, everything is measurable, and the work has led to an increased number of leads.

Mikael Swartz Lennartsfors

Reaching out to more people

Email is how you build relationships and trust. Send newsletters and create automatic follow-up emails with personalized content.

Follow up

Set reminders, follow up and gather all communication in one place. No prospects fall through the cracks anymore.

Save time between meetings

Automatic tasks and email templates make sales work easier. Remove repetitive and time-consuming tasks.

"We have full control over every deal now and no prospects fall through the cracks."

The features that give you results

Feature 01
Email marketing

Build relationships and trust with your prospects. Send newsletters, set up automatic email loops and keep your 

Feature 02
Marketing Automation

Free up time and resources with automated communication flows and personalize your communication based on interest and activity.

Feature 03
Calendar and email sync

Gather all communication with prospects and opportunities in one platform. You can easily keep track of what has been decided and discussed. 

Feature 04
Account-based CRM

Gather all information about an operation in one place, even with multiple contacts and multiple email threads.

Feature 05
Reminders and tasks

Let no prospects or tasks fall through the cracks. Set up reminders to follow up or automatic tasks for each new task.

Feature 06
Social media

Post on social media, keep track of comments and respond to direct messages in the platform. Simple and easy.

Feature 07

Create beautiful forms that allow your visitors to contact you directly from your website. Collect information to personalize your emails.

Feature 08
Landing pages

Easily create beautiful landing pages for webinars, events and white papers.

Feature 09
Analyses and reports

Keep track of which campaigns are generating leads. A/B test emails for best results. When you know what works, your daily work becomes easier and you can focus on what works.

Feature 10
History of activity

Keep track of the latest activities of high quality prospects and opps. Follow up or add a comment so you're on top of your next call.

Feature 11

Create advanced segmentation so the right contacts get the right emails.

Feature 12

Create your own pipelines with customizable probabilities of moving to the next step. You stay on top of each task.

Choose the right plan for you


For those with a smaller database





4 989 kr

5 989 kr

per month

  • Unlimited number of users
  • Complete marketing automation system
  • Complete CRM for complex sales process
  • Email support
most popular

Just right

For those with a larger database

2,501-5,000 contacts

5,001-10,000 contacts

7 989 kr

9 989 kr

per month

  • Unlimited number of users
  • Complete marketing automation system
  • Complete CRM for complex sales process
  • Email support


For those with a really big database

10,001 - 20,000


14 989kr

per month

  • Unlimited number of users
  • Complete marketing automation system
  • Complete CRM for complex sales process
  • Email support

Need help getting started?

Services to help you succeed

Getting started with digital marketing and CRM systems can take time, especially if you want to create a great process and make use of all the features.

That's why we're here to help you along the way, whether it's advice or setting up everything on the platform for you.

We usually recommend that you use "Project Management" for 3 months, after which you can continue, go down to "Premium Support" or just settle for technical support 🙂.

Explore how you can optimize your processes in the services above.

"For us, it has been a decisive advantage in our work as our marketing department is not very large and it would be a major investment to bring in specialists or consultants to the same extent." / Therése Karlsson, Closers

Premium Support with advice

Do you need someone to bounce ideas or tips and tricks off of? Then our Premium Support with Advice service is for you. It gives you access to a dedicated expert who can help you navigate all the challenges along the way.

What is it?

You get your own consultant who is available for ad-hoc meetings and chats to share ideas, advice and tips. From how to best set up your email loops to how to best use the system for your goals. The in-house consultant gets to know you and your business so you can easily pick up where you last left off.

Who is it for:

For those who have their own marketing plan and feel comfortable using the system themselves, but want someone to ask for tips and advice from time to time.

What is included:

  • In-house consultant who gets to know your business and your set-up
  • Chat and ad-hoc meetings when you have questions or need advice
Price: 4 500 SEK/month. No commitment period.

Project management

Do you want a marketing and sales machine that really works? Then our Project Management service is for you. We help you plan, implement and optimize your system to ensure smooth processes and maximize the use of your system.

What is it?

With our project manager service, you get your own consultant who proactively works with you to get the most out of the system. Together we set up a plan and make sure nothing falls through the cracks.

Who is it for:

If you want to get a really great marketing and sales machine. We help you with implementations, give tips and advice on the next steps.

What is included:

  • In-house consultant who gets to know your business and your set-up
  • Weekly digital meetings where we go through the plan, help you set up features and determine the next steps.
  • Access to premium support with chat and screensharing meetings.
Price: 6 500 SEK/month. 1 month notice period.

Marketing Automation Manager

And if you're looking for a complete solution where we take care of everything for you, then our Marketing Automation Manager service is the right choice. We handle everything from set-up to the day-to-day running of the platform so you can focus on doing what you do best.

What is it?

We take care of the system, set up and so on. You get your own consultant and together you set up a plan for what needs to be done. You do the content, we do the rest.

Who is it for:

Those who don't have the time or inclination to learn a digital marketing system but want to get results.

What is included:

  • In-house consultant who gets to know your business and your set-up
  • Weekly digital meetings where we review the plan, what we have done and what the next steps are.
  • Implementation services
Price: We agree on how many hours per month you need and based on that we propose a price. 3 months notice period.


We help you get all the basics set up. You will have your own senior contact person who will help you via email and up to 2 meetings per month for 4 months. You can get help with the following points.

Price: 4500 kr/m for 4 months. After the onboarding, you have access to our regular technical support.


We will help you with this during your onboarding.

  • Import and database set-up
  • Setting up your pipelines
  • Branded templates for emails and landing pages
  • Calendar and email sync
  • Technical settings for emailing (DNS and email domains)
  • Form changes or links
  • Chat bubble or "call me" on the website
  • Help setting up pop-ups / slide-ins on the website
  • Processing sequence of new leads (you write the content)
  • Handover of hot leads + notification to sales.


Here is what we can train you on during your onboarding.

  • Building a lead gen funnel (lead magnet, landing page, thank you email and automation sequence, lead qualification)
  • Capturing leads (forms, chat bubble, "call me" function, interactive research/survey)
  • Working with automation
  • Testing, sending and analyzing newsletters
  • Working in your CRM
  • Email and SMS prospecting
  • Using calendars and booking functions
  • Posting on social media
  • Building landing pages
  • Building an LMS, membership sites, and customer sites with products and logins.