Question: My client conversion rate at work has generally been low since we started the business last year. How can we win more B2B clients?

In your case, it depends on your definition of 'conversion'. There are different types of conversions we can address here. However, since you didn’t specify, I’ll explain some likely scenarios in the B2B context.

The most common form of B2B conversions would be getting leads to purchase your offerings.

Here are some key tips you can apply to your business to win more B2B clients.

Identify and know your ideal clients.

To increase your B2B conversion rates, you must know who your ideal clients are. If you market your business "to everyone”, you’ll struggle to convince potential clients of your offering.

So, take time to identify your ideal clients, their behavior, and interests. Then, create a buyer persona that represents each group. Based on this information, you can then position your offering accordingly.

Some key aspects to consider:

·       Their biggest challenges

·       Their values

·       Business goals

Knowing your customers also enables you to draft the appropriate marketing strategies. You will know which content works best and which platforms you must focus on to reach your audience. This approach makes for more effective marketing strategies.

Focus on pain points and finding solutions

B2B clients often need ways to make their businesses more efficient, make more money, save them time, etc. So, your products or services must solve specific problems for your B2B clients. Identify what pain points you can solve, and then pitch them those solutions.

That said, your solution must be easily recognizable in your communications and branding. These clients are ideally not searching for the most colourful or cheapest options. Rather, for the most value.

Furthermore, be as personal as possible. You want potential clients to know that you understand their situation and are there to help.

Talk to the right people in the organization.

You may be having trouble winning clients because you are talking to the wrong people: those who do not have much decision-making power or influence.

So, do the due research and identify the critical decision-makers like department heads, Managing director, or the CEO. These are always the best people to talk to when trying to sell to B2B clients.

If the right players appreciate your offering, they will easily recommend it to the decision-makers. If the decision-makers see value in your product or services, they can easily induce purchase.

Also, avoid tired approaches like cold calls and cold emails. If you want to make an impact, build relationships, request face-to-face meetings, or have someone introduce you to them. Otherwise, cold communication is not as effective as it used to be.

Create and distribute valuable content.

Creating valuable content is another excellent way to win B2B clients, especially in the long run. It is usually the first point of contact for your prospective customers.

So, your content should represent the value you offer. Every piece must have all appropriate calls to action to enable them to take the next steps.

Valuable content could also position you as an expert in the field. Since B2B transactions usually center around trust, it becomes easier to get your audience to buy into your offerings.

Content marketing also facilitates your search engine rankings for your specific terms. So it becomes easier for other prospective clients to find you.

Regular communications and follow-up.

Are you keeping tabs on your leads? If so, how often?

Constant and timely communication is essential for landing new B2B clients. Remember that you are not the only one pitching to them. So, you must position yourself to remain top of mind.

The statistics show that it is best to follow up on meetings on the same day. Also, 80% of sales leads would require at least five follow-ups after an initial sales meeting.

Whereas you shouldn't pester your leads every other day, do not allow them to get cold because of scanty communication. This should help you greatly improve your lead conversion rates.

Qualify your leads.

Sales qualified leads are those that are ready for the sales pitch. You must create systems to identify these and nurture them accordingly.  Remember that not all your leads will become paying customers on the spot.

With automation tools, it is easier to assign lead scores based on their behaviors. Lead scoring metrics will vary based on your business, but often you can consider metrics like:

·       Exploring pricing pages

·       Viewing demos

·       Scheduling meetings, etc.

Lead scoring helps you identify which leads are more likely to buy than others. That way, you spend your resources only on such prospects, which increases the likelihood of conversion and also reduces time wastage on non-promising leads.


Winning a B2B client can be a very lengthy process, but it shouldn’t be difficult if you use credible strategies like these.

You didn’t state which conversions you were referring to, or your specific industry. But, a good B2B strategy should center around extensive research, valuable content, and effective communication. Anticipate that your competition is also doing its best to win the same client. So whatever strategies you adopt should make you stand out from the crowd.

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answered by

Marie Vitkova

Marie is a Project Manager and a Templates, Forms and Funnel Workflows Specialist at FunnelBud. She loves Inbound and enjoys creative work and template design. She manages FunnelBud’s marketing activities, their own website, and multiple “managed website” clients who also do inbound.

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