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Mar 18

CRM ERP Integration: How does it work and should you do it

By Yusuf Young | CRM

Can CRM be integrated with ERP?Yes! And CRM ERP integration can do wonders for your business by streamlining your processes, improving quality of delivery, and reducing operational costs.But it can also be quite complex, and there’s no standard way that fits all businesses. After helping over 60 clients implement SharpSpring CRM, we’ve realized that many businesses […]

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Email Marketing Superhero FunnelBud
Dec 31

5 ways CRM and Email Marketing work together

By Yusuf Young | CRM , Marketing

What is CRM email marketing?Most B2B companies send out a newsletter. If you’re a marketer, do you know whether the people you are sending those newsletters to are already in a conversation with your salespeople, and what they’re interested in?Conversely, if you’re in sales and you add a contact to your CRM, do you know […]

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marketing automation ROI
Oct 19

3 perspectives on Marketing Automation ROI

By Yusuf Young | FunnelBud , Inbound Marketing , Marketing , Marketing Automation

What Marketing Automation ROI can you expect? Is marketing automation software worth the investment?  As one of SharpSpring’s leading agencies, we’ve helped over 70 clients implement marketing automation and CRM processes that help them get more sales. Not only SharpSpring, but also HubSpot and Pardot. So were the investments worth it? What Is Return on […]

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